With so many models of the Kindle ebook reader available it is important to know a little about the various features of each before understanding "what Kindle should I buy?"      


Amazon's Kindle range has a great reputation from its purchasers due to the range of features their products offer, their ease of use, the shear number of books available for download and the relatively low price of the device and Kindle ebooks themselves.  


The differences between the devices can be confusing though, especially for those contemplating making the leap from hard copy books into the ebook world, as each offers pros and cons for certain readers.


The all new KindleAmazon Kindle(100358)Credit: www.amazon.com

The 'entry level model' is anything but in terms of features. Holding over books 1,400, with a one month battery life and weighing in at less than 6 ounces the new Kindle is one classy device. Utilising the latest in e-ink technology, this device reads perfectly outside or anywhere you want to read, even in direct sunlight.  


The Kindle Touch

With the world now fully accustomed to page turning by touch, the Kindle Touch is a logical step forward for ereaders. The Kindle touchscreen makes page turning even easier if that's possible and touching on a word to check its dicitonary meaning rather than scrolling to highlight it is simpler too. This model also comes with the option of 3G or Wi-Fi to suit your connectivity preferences.  Kindle KeyboardCredit: www.amazon.com


The Kindle Keyboard

With a physical keyboard, the Kindle Keyboard 3G makes it easy to search, take notes and browse the web. At 1/3" thin this is one easy to hold, use and transport gadget - perfect for slipping into your bag or day pack to carry your library with you everywhere you go.


The Kindle DX

With the largest screen size at 9.7", 2.5 times the Kindle screen size, the Kindle DX is Amazon's large screen 3G wireless reading device. Incorporating a built-in PDF reader, the Kindle DX is ideal for magazines, newspapers, blogs, pdfs, books and of course images, charts, tables and maps.Kindle Fire(101587)Credit: www.amazon.com


The Kindle Fire 

More than just an ebook reader, Kindle Fire, the Amazon tablet, offers a whole lot more.  This device allows you to browse the web, utilize the ereader functionality and consume all sorts of content easily on this 7" full color screen including music, movies, games, TV shows and apps.     


So is Kindle (Wi-Fi) or Kindle 3G (Free 3G + Wi-Fi) best for me?      

Wi-Fi is a good choice if you already have a wireless internet connection set up in your home and you do not foresee the need for the added convenience of a 3G connection. 3G enables you to download books anytime, anywhere, while on the go. If you do not have Wi-Fi set up in your home, Kindle 3G may be a better option.   


Free 3G + Wi-Fi is the easiest option because there is no wireless setup and you are ready to shop, purchase, and read right out of the box. Built-in 3G connectivity uses the same wireless signals that cell phones use, but there are no monthly fees or contracts. With wireless coverage in over 100 countries and territories, Kindle 3G is a great option for travelers.      


Will all the devices be able to download the same content from the Kindle Store? 

With the exception of the movies, TV shows, games and apps restricted to the Kindle Fire, all the Kindle devices have access to Kindle ebooks priced from as low as $0.99 – not to mention the millions of out-of-copyright titles and thousands of free Kindle ebooks published daily through the Amazon store. 


Also, with over 800,000 kindle ebooks priced at less than $9.99, including this season's best sellers, Kindle ebooks are almost always cheaper than the hard copy. 


What about Kindle covers?

The wide range of Kindle covers and Kindle accessories available for each device allow you to personalize your chosen Kindle to suit your personality. You can add the latest gel skins, leather covers, sleeves, designer covers or reading lights – the opportunities are almost endless.         


Where do I buy a Kindle?  

Whether you prefer the new Kindle, the Kindle Touch, the Kindle Keyboard, the Kindle Fire or the Kindle DX visit the Amazon store to compare prices and check out the latest Kindle reviews. Thanks to their speedy delivery and great customer service, you’ll soon be able to start enjoying the benefits of the modern age of reading.        


The Kindle is Amazon's number-one selling product and the best ebook reader on the market. All of their models incorporate simple to use technology and storage for and access to more books and material than you could ever need.  The thousands of five star Kindle reviews confirm this is an excellent product and one that will change the way you read for the better forever.