Rhinoplasty treatment (also known as a nose job) is an operation that specifically deals with cosmetic surgery on the nose. Only a skilled surgeon will be able to perform this type of treatment. There are two different methods that can be used to perform rhinoplasty. These are called open and closed rhinoplasty. There are some pros and cons to having each of the treatments.

The second named one is done by making incisions inside the nose instead of it being done outside. This is very good, as the surgery will leave no scarring whatsoever. On the other hand, this then restricts what closed rhinoplasty can do for people. Only the simplest treatments can be done with this type of cheap rhinoplasty, else there could be damage to the nose. For example, work that needs to be done on the inner nose needs more precision and delicate work.

Therefore, closed rhinoplasty will only be good for people which need small amounts of cosmetic surgery performed on their noses. A great example for this is by allowing this type of surgery to get rid of a dorsal hump. There are some good reasons why people should consider this type of surgery. As the treatments are not so harsh on the body, the recovery period is usually shorter for people compared to other rhinoplasty methods.

On the other hand, open rhinoplasty is completely different. It forces the surgeon to create a delicate cut to open the nose up in-between the areas where the nostrils apart. This way, the doctor can see inside the nose by carefully lifting up the skin and see how the cartilage and tissues need to be modified. By doing this, it will be inevitable that some form of small scar will be left behind from this surgery. As open rhinoplasty treats more severe cases, the downtime will be significantly higher as the nose may have swelled up a lot more than by having closed rhinoplasty surgery.

The open method is preferred by many plastic surgeons for a whole range of reasons. By them doing this treatment, the cartilage can be seen naturally and can understand what needs to be treated much quicker and do it far more precise. This is very important in complicated rhinoplasty situations. This is especially done in Asian rhinoplasty, they use this method as problems are often far worse.

Hence, this is why it is far easier to search for a plastic surgeon that will perform the open method rather than the closed rhinoplasty technique; more trainee doctors go into this medical field than the latter. However, if a doctor has been performing closed rhinoplasty for a number of years, then they may be able to perform more difficult treatments as they are specialised in the area.

This is why it is very important to search for doctors which do both closed rhinoplasty and the other technique, as they will be able to give advice on what cheap rhinoplasty treatment may be right for you.

On the whole, it would be best for people who are thinking of taking rhinoplasty treatment to find a doctor that can do both methods. This way, they will be able to advise on what method will be best for your circumstances: closed rhinoplasty or open rhinoplasty.