It is dangerous to compare yourself to others.  However, we all do it.  Trying to keep up with the Jones’s have cause many a people to do stupid stuff.  If you are leading the Level 10 Life, you are the Jones’s that everyone is trying to keep up with.  When you are successful, people will want the freedom of time, money, and choice that you have.Personal development and successCredit:

I do think you should compare yourself to yourself.  Compare where you were three months ago, a year ago, or 5 years ago.  You should be doing this on a continuous basis.  When you are making progress, you will see the results and a synergistic effect will make you want more success.  When you try something and succeed at it, the motivation to accomplish more is expanded.  When you know you can do something, you start to believe you can do even more.  This is the premise of the Level 10 Life.

Competition with others, however, can be very productive if done in the right way.  If you and someone you respect and have a good relationship with set out to lead the Level 10 Life, you can push each other to do better and to see which person can accomplish the most.  You have to be a little careful with this strategy though.  Competition must be with two or more people that can both become successful and the playing field must be on equal terms or competition can be counterproductive.  

When you are in a competition with a trusted, respected friend or colleague, you can achieve more because you have a support system in place to benefit you both.  The competition should be friendly and not a competition where one person must “step-on” the other person to get ahead.  An example of healthy competition would be two friends who work out together.  They may push each other do to more and when one is getting tired and wants to quit the other person will tell them not to quit and to keep up.  Sometimes the person wanting to quit because he wants to “keep up.”  This is healthy competition.  Two salesmen, who are friends and both want to make more money from sales, can be in a friendly competition to sale more widgets.  One may sale more widgets but both may sell more than they ever had before.  Both salesmen benefit from selling more and making more money. 

At times, the person you are in competition does not even have to know you are in competition with them.  You can look at someone you really respect in your field of interest and want to “beat” them in the next quarter.  As long as you are not hurting them in your progress to a Level 10 Life, then this can be a healthy, unknowing competition.  Do not let the green headed monster, envy, start to come out in these situations.  Remember it is only healthy competition, when one is not hurt to help the other.

Why do people spend more money than they have just to keep up with others?  They might want the nice house and fine cars but the real reason is because so-n-so down the street just bought a new car.  A lot of time when envy comes out the person who holds the envy is the one who is hurt the most. The family of the envious person also suffers.  People have gone into bankruptcy because they wanted the expensive care and designer suits that Joe and Pam have.  Joe and Pam got noticed and they want to be noticed too.  There is not a lot wrong with wanting to get noticed.  Most of us like attention from others.  Some attention might not be wanted.  Joe and Pam may not want the attention that could come along.  Some people may get a break in life and think things would be so much better if they won the lottery.  However, research has shown that most lottery winner blow through their money and end up worse than they were before the winning.  Personal developmentCredit:

On a spiritual level, God only made one you.  Be the best you.  Don’t be the best Jones (unless you name is Jones).  God gave you talents and places you in situations to let you thrive and become successful.  He made you, you.  He did not give you the same talents and place you in the same situation as the Jones’s on your street for a reason.

I remember growing up. I was envious of a friend of mine because he got the newest brand name shoes.  He got the newest brand name clothes.  He lived in a nice house with a swimming pool and various other things that should make a boy happy.  After we become adults and we both had great success in our lives, I talked to that friend.  He told me how he was envious of me at times when we were younger.  I was confused.  I asked him to explain why he was envious of me.  He told me because even though he had a mother and father, I had a mom.  His parents remained high and drunk most of the time.  He told me, people just seemed to like me for the simple fact I was me.  He said he always questioned if people liked him because of his swimming pool, ATV’s, and other great toys.  He told me he was envious of me because everything seemed to come easy for me. He didn’t know this last one was not true.  I just worked hard and smart.  All this time I was comparing myself to him, he was comparing himself to me.  I am thankful I did not have his life after everything he told me.  

As an adult I became comfortable with who I was.  I come to realized that it was not the brand name on the clothes, but the fact that I had clothes, which was important.  I realized it was not that I had a mom who had to work hard and could not come to all my sporting events, but that I had a mom who was willing to work hard, instead of doing drugs and alcohol so I could have the things to play sports.  I realized that I was given 24 hours in a day just like everyone else and that I should use that time wisely to accomplish more.  When I was younger I did get bogged down in the fact that I did not have the money to buy what I wanted but, now that I look back on it,  I had more than enough money to buy what I needed. 

A person leading the Level 10 Life will get confidence from being who they are and not have to compare themselves to others.  The person, striving for Level 10 will want to do more to get more and understand that the only person who can hold them back is the person sitting in their seat.  

That is not to say you should not seek out mentors and want to be like them.  Have many mentors.  Take the best of all of them and try their techniques out to see if you can use them and make yourself go faster to the Level 10 life.  

Celebrate your uniqueness.  This will make you happier and allow you to achieve more based on your talents.  When you try to have the talents of someone else you will fail.  Talents are given to you.  However, there is something equal to talents, experience.  Experience will educate you and you can gain the same quality of life as someone with talents within reason.  I will never become as good as Michael Jordan in playing basketball, but I can play HORSE with the best of them.  Michael Jordan on the other hand could become a psychologist but his talents of basketball do not transfer to a session to help with someone who is contemplating suicide.  I have a talent for helping others, but my experiences of education have made me the psychologist I am today.  Michael Jordan worked very hard at his talents of basketball, just as I did for mine of being a psychologist.  I celebrate my uniqueness of being a good psychologist. 

Think about what makes you unique.  Think about your successes.  Think about leading the Level 10 Life.  Dig deep if you have to.  There are unique things about you even when you feel plain.  

Think about when you were most confident in your life. It might be from 5th grade in elementary school, but use that to build your confidence.  If in 5th grade you were really doing good in the local spelling bee and your were one of the best baseball players on your team, you can think back of those feelings and realize, that you were a success at something then and you can do it again.  Take a look at how you were feeling, thinking, and acting when you were successful.  Do the same things you were doing when you were successful.  Think, feel, and behave as if you are already successful again.  In fact, you were successful once so you can do it again. 

Donald Trump had it all.  He was worth millions.  He was successful in many aspects of life.  Then he lost a lot of it in bankruptcy.  He was called a failure and a loser.  However, The Donald did not consider himself a loser or a failure.  He had already been a success and used what he learned about achieving success and just did it again.  He is worth more now than he was before the bankruptcy.  You know how to be a success.  My Level 10 Life is here to help you redoing it again. 

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There are many people who will like you for being who you are if you are being the best you can be.  God made it that way for a reason.  If you’re a financial expert, people will like it when you give them helpful tips in making money in the financial market.  If you are a great baseball player, and people are looking for financial advice, then your talent is not what they are looking for and not helpful at the time

You have talents.  Use it.  God had a vision and a plan for you when he made you and breathed life into you.  Be the person you used to dream of being.  Stop dreaming, wake up, and lead the Level 10 Life.  Make today and everyday a great day. 



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