One of the easiest ways to improve your kitchen is to replace the countertops. Today there are many options to choose from, but granite and Corian seem to be favored by many. Both types of countertops have their own unique advantages. Make sure you understand these advantages before you make your final purchasing decision.


One of the first things many homeowners will want to know is the cost of both products. Depending on the actual color you select, the price of granite and Corian countertops will vary. In general, you can expect to spend several dollars more per square foot of granite compared to Corian. If you have your heart set on granite, but don't want the large expense, check out some of the less expensive colors that are available. These may be more comparable to some Corian options.


Corian is what is known as a solid-surface countertop. This product is manufactured by Dupont. When you place your order they will custom make you a countertop to fit your specifications. When it is installed you will not see any seams. Even the sink is seamlessly integrated with the countertop. Granite, because it is a natural stone, will have visible seams.


Granite is a much harder surface than Corian. If you drop something heavy on a Corian countertop it might dent or damage the surface. Due to the solid surface composition of the countertop it can be repaired in many cases. With granite, if you drop a glass on it you can expect the glass to break instead of the countertop. If you drop something really heavy or sharp edged onto the surface it can chip the granite. Only small chips in granite can typically be repaired.


Corian countertops are nonporous. This means that bacteria can't seep into the surface of your countertop. Granite is a porous surface and requires a layer of sealant to improve its antibacterial properties.


Granite is a natural stone which means you are limited to the colors that the quarry has available. With that being said, there are granite quarries all over the place and each one produces a variety of different colors. Corian countertops are generally offered in a broad selection of colors. Every year Dupont may add a few and subtract a few of these color options.


Granite countertops are perceived to be more luxurious than Corian. If you are looking to increase the value of your home for resale purposes, granite may be the better option.