It's really baffling when people complain about things but that's all they do. They don't intend to change anything and they certainly won't by just complaining. These are the types of people who can't move on in life. I will go so far as to say, they like complaining. These are not the casual complainers but the frequent ones.

If you want to complain, I believe you should have a solution or at least be thinking of one. If someone is complaining to me about something, I don't want to hear the complaint, unless I can hear the possible solutions to the situation or possible help them come up with one.. I want to hear how this person has or is working through the problem. There is a positive point to ponder on. When someone complains and leaves it at that, it leaves a negative aftermath in the air.

There are solutions for everything. Just like when you're sick and you go to the doctor for the diagnosis and solution to the problem. I get really tired of hearing complaints that are just dead end complaints. Being a person of action, I believe in solutions, and granted, they are not always easy solutions, but they are thought about and worked through.

I will go as far to say, that every single problem has a solution. It may not be the solution that someone may want to choose, but nonetheless it is a solution. Getting to that solution may be trial and error and a frustrating process but the lessons are learned from even the process.

To do something about your biggest complaint means you rid yourself of the negativity that is associated with that complaint. For instance, if you have a complaint about your boss who treats you unfairly you have several options:

  1. Quit your job
  2. Confront your boss
  3. Find a new job and then quit
  4. Stop complaining and put up with your boss

All these solutions are options, but some you may have to pay a consequence for and others may make you very happy.

Sometimes if we replay in our minds the conversations we have with people around us, we realize how much we really do complain. Complaining does not make us happy; it robs us of our contentedness. It creates a negative realm in us and may affect other areas of our lives, like our relationships.

There are lots of things we cannot change but we still can find solutions that help the source of the complaint. For instance, if your complaint is with the rise in your health insurance at your job, you probably can't change that directly but you can offset it.

  1. Get a job with better health insurance
  2. Use a flexible spending program if applicable
  3. Be as healthy as you can so you won't have to use the co-pays so much
  4. Get a part-time job to offset the cost.

Solutions are not always easy, but sometimes the best options are not the easy ones. My point is that we live in a world where it's so easy to complain and just leave it at that. Everyone has their list of complaints but if we work through them, we may find that we have a whole lot less to complain about. This will also create a better outlook on life with a lot less stress to carry around.