Crochet and knitting

There is no excuse for people not knowing how to knit and crochet these days, as there are so many free patterns available to download on the internet.  There are also different types of complete crochet and knitting kits for the beginner to buy in craft stores or online. If this is not enough you can also watch the videos on YouTube for more information.

Many of these kits include their own patterns with instructions for the correct measurements, size needles to use and include the required yarn.

Therefore, once you buy the kit all you need to do is buy or use your own needles or hooks before you begin to crochet or knit your first garment.  What could be easier?

Teach your children to crochet and knit

If parents have time, on their hands they can teach their children to crochet and knit squares, which will give them more confidence before attempting ideas that are more creative. Although not all parents gained the knowledge on how to do these crafts as children, therefore the kits are another way of learning these crafts.

Crochet Kits: Add  fringes to scarvesCredit: TPhotos

This yarn has a lumpy effect so it will cover the different uneven tensions when starting out.

Choosing the right kit

When looking to buy your kit, make sure you read all relevant information. Some kits come complete with hooks or knitting needles, yarn and patterns.

Whereas, others may only contain the yarn required and pattern with no extras.

Kits for different Projects to make

Kits are available for the begginner, experienced or for Children to learn from. You can find kits for making scarves, handbags, telephone covers, hats, pillows or cushions. 

Types of Yarn and Wools

Before you decide to crochet or knit your garments there are things, you should know.  Some yarns are difficult even for the more experienced crafters; therefore, I would advise beginners to avoid the fancy yarns when starting out. My mum has knitted for years and when using one in particular she dropped a few stitches and could not find them to pick back up. Although the cushion cover she knitted is still okay. How it still held together she has no idea.

Wool or Acrylic yarns

Different types of wool and acrylic can create problems.  Some kits contain a mixture of both wool and acrylic yarns. This could cause a problem for washing.  Acrylic yarns can go in the washing machines, where wool needs more care or hand washing.

As an example, this Sean Sheep scarf kit has two balls of acrylic yarn and one ball of wool.


Complete crochet kits

Crochet kits come with a variety of ideas.  Some give simple instructions on how to make scarves or hats that even children can make for their own wardrobe. There are kits for making your own crochet afghan rug once you have gained more experience. 

Lion Brand Yarn Beginner Crochet Scarf Kit, Purple
Amazon Price: $10.79 $1.99 Buy Now
(price as of Jul 26, 2014)
This kit is complete with the crochet hook and two balls of acrylic yarn. It has easy to follow instructions and a great way to learn how to make a scarf.

Adding fringe to scarf

The kit I made up is very simple as knitted in garter stitch (all plain knitting).This kit is suitable for the beginner, intermediate or experienced knitters to buy. This kit has instructions for a scarf pattern and enough wool (3 balls) to knit your scarf. Notice the different type of yarn for this pattern, it changes from very thin yarn to thick yarn, which gives it a different look when knitted.


Crochet kits: Step one for adding fringeCredit: TPhotos

Cut pieces of yarn to required length I made these 12 inches long


Crochet kits: Adding fringe step 2Credit: TPhotos

Put crochet hook into bottom edge of scarf and pull thread through

Crochet kits:Adding fringe to scarf step 3Credit: TPhotos

Bring ends of thread up through the loop and pull tight.

The Complete Beginner's Guide to Knitting
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(price as of Jul 26, 2014)
With the Beginner's Knitting Kit, your child can easily learn how to knit. The instructions are colour coded to make it easy for a left or right-hand knitter. Everything is included to knit a scarf including acrylic yarn, large wooden needles, and instructions, including a pattern for a matching hat.

Have you tried weaving?

If you are bored with crochet and knitting then why not try  weaving.  You do not have to start with a huge loom, you can do circular weaving of varied sizes.  You can even make your own socks if you learn how to do it.

Martha Stewart Crafts Lion Brand Yarn 5000-100 Knit and Weave Loom Kit
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(price as of Jul 26, 2014)
You can relax and take this traveling. Ideal for beginners and more experienced. With this you can create your own scarves, hats,and other projects.
Has many configurations including weaving loom, rake loom, rosette loom, round loom.