Your One Stop Guide to Novi Sad

Novi Sad resides on the Danube River in the northern part of the Republic of Serbia. Since the whole region was part of Austro-Hungarian monarchy until the end of WWI, it is ethnically diverse and rich in cultural history. You will be very welcomed here!

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How to get to Novi Sad, Serbia?

Novi Sad can best be reached by rail form either Belgrade or Subotica. Bus lines are also frequent, and transportation is relatively cheap. If you want to go to a particular part of the town, you can either use public transportation, but this is not recommended if you do not know the town already. There are numerous taxi companies to choose from but I recommend SOS Taxi, Pan Taxi, Vip taxi or MB Taxi. Beware of the drivers – they can sometimes overcharge if they see you are a stranger. And do not ever enter into a taxi that is not registered – they will charge you even more! You can even take a map and walk to a desired destination, since this city is very walkable.

Why come to Novi Sad, Serbia?

Main Square in Novi SadCredit: young people from all over the globe reach to Novi Sad during the Exit festival which is held the second quarter of July. Novi Sad is most famous for this festival. Several camps are even organized so if you book it on time, you won’t have to worry about finding a place to stay. Be prepared to meet many people either from Serbia or literally any other country in the world. The Exit Festival is held at the Petrovaradin Fortress.

Europe Day celebration is held every year on May 9th on Liberty square in Novi Sad. It brings many young people from Serbia and other countries to celebrate the Day of the European Union. Liberty square is crawling with people who enjoy good music and company – internationally affirmed and domestic bands both perform in the city center that night and it is always good fun!

Interfest – International festival of Wine is held in the first quarter of July, usually between 5th and 7th on Liberty square and the whole city center is engaged in it. Many wineries from all over the world participate, including those from South Africa and other faraway places. You can try a variety of international wines. Buy some to take home and most importantly – drink wine, while you enjoy local music shows.

Cinemacity is an international movie festival held annually in Novi Sad, where you can see works of many international and Serbian unestablished artists. It has several stages, so practically the whole town is engaged in some big screen action. All movies are subtitled in English so that everyone can join in the fun. You can often see better movies here than in commercial theaters. So if you are interested in the seventh art, this might be an occasion for you! It is held in the third quarter of June.

Landmarks of Novi Sad, Serbia

The most prominent landmark near Novi Sad is the Petrovaradin Fortress. It is located just across the bridge leading east of Novi Sad. The Fortress has historical significance. It belonged to Austro-Hungarian Empire and its territory was inhabited as early as 19,000 B.C. The fortress itself was built in 17th century along with many miles of underground passages. It is a must see for all visitors of Novi Sad.

Sightseeing in Novi Sad, Serbia

As mentioned above, many tourists visit Novi Sad purely for sightseeing. There are many buildings of historical and cultural importance, such as Matica Srpska, founded in 1826 and moved to Novi Sad in 1864. It is the oldest cultural-scientific institution of Serbia. It possesses the most voluminous library in the region.

The Name of Mary Catholic ChurchCredit: and cathedrals: The most prominent is The Name of Mary Church or “The Cathedral” on Liberty square. It stands out with its architecture and it is definitively worth seeing from both inside and out! There are also many Orthodox churches near the town center. There is a Synagogue located on Jevrejska street. It is no longer a place of worship for local Jews, but a place where numerous concerts of classical music are often held. Novi Sad also has many beautiful parks – the most noted is Dunavski park, near center and is always full of people, but there are more parks further away from the center which are quieter but larger, such as Futoski park and Limanski park. Streets around those parks, with mighty trees standing on both sides of the road, can be particularly interesting and inspiring.

University of Novi Sad: Most foreign students will probably be interested in seeing the University and Student’s Town. Both located on the bank of river Danube, which has a quay, recently adapted for inspirational and relaxing walks, jogging, cycling and so on. The quay connects the University with Novi Sad with town’s most popular beach called Strand, which fulfills all standards for a river beach. It has thousands of visitors a day during summer months, so if you are fond of beaches, I recommend you to visit Strand.

Fruska Gora is the only mountain in the Panonian plain, and is located a few miles away from Novi Sad. Walking marathons are held there every year in May, it has 120 km of marked tracks, and is around 600 meters high. So, it is pretty safe for walking and camping with mates, there is no dangerous wildlife, and you can embrace all joys of mountaineering without any risk at all.

About money

Most large shopping malls accept credit cards, but if you need cash, there is a bank on every corner.  Currency is usually around 110 dinars per 1 euro, but this constantly changes. You can always check currency, so don’t get tricked by some local salesmen. Although they usually don’t do that to foreigners, you can never be careful enough.

Where to stay in Novi Sad, Serbia?

The first is Hotel Zenit, it is known for its location in the town center and regularly being visited by tourists so this is the one we recommend. It is located in the main street of Novi Sad, Zmaj Jovina street, passage number 8.

There is also Hotel Putnik just near the previously mentioned one.

Hotel Vojvodina just near the City Hall.

There are also hotels that are further away. These 5 stars hotels are nice : Hotel Park and Hotel Prezident. But if you want to make it easy for yourself, you can just stay in Hotel Novi Sad, since it is just near the bus and railway station, has decent service and is cheaper than others .

Where to Eat in Novi Sad, Serbia?

Foody! Restaurant has decent service and is in the town center, just across from “The Cathedral”. A variety of food is available, from sandwiches, pancakes, hamburgers, fish, fries, numerous salads to all kinds of cakes and sweets. It is all there and its affordable.

Pink Panter is a simple barbecue restaurant. It serves the best barbecue in town! If you ever wish for a good barbecue meat, this is the place to you should go.

If you like Chinese food there are a few restaurants in town. The best is QiQi, when we compare price and quality. Others that I can recommend are Dva Stapica (The Two Sticks) and Kineski Zmaj (Chinese Dragon), which are more expensive but have a better atmosphere if that is important to you.

Ananda is the best vegetarian restaurant and the only of its kind in Novi Sad. It serves strictly vegetarian and macrobiotic food. It has a most pleasant atmosphere but is a little on the expensive side. Either way, I recommend this restaurant to any lover of vegetarian food.

Shopping in Novi Sad, Serbia

Dunavska shopping streetCredit: center: If shopping is your thing, I recommend Mercator center. It has the widest range of choices – you can find anything in this shopping center, from toys, books, Indian rugs, to all sorts of food. You won’t find a more diverse shopping district anywhere else in town. Prices are decent, and may be a bit higher than in other malls but are certainly lower than those in small shops. You can even have a snack there or sit for a cup of coffee. 



Map of Novi Sad, Serbia

Novi Sad: Serbia's Historical Treasure