So you're wishing that your life could change now. You want some excitement or perhaps some well deserved peace and quiet. You hope to simply read this article and get that sought after revolution.

Well I have some news for you. The miracle is hidden deep inside you. Yes you and you alone possess this miracle. What is this miracle you ask. I will share the secret with you. The miracle is something called your attitude. No, don't give me that skeptical look. I can guarantee that by working on your attitude you can change your life for the better. 

I will demonstrate this with an ordinary day-to-day example. Do you ever wonder why sometimes you have that day where everything seemed to go exactly the opposite way of what you wanted/needed? Did you think to yourself "it's just not my day today"? Let me explain to you how your attitude figures into this situation. 

So you started the day and from the moment you woke up everything went wrong. Your phone broke, the line at Dunkin Donuts was so long that you came late to work and now your boss is upset and you are just not in the mood to act nice to your coworkers. Then because of this sour mood that you're in you make a nasty comment to someone in the office, now their upset at you and you've started a chain of moodiness. The day goes by slowly and every moment is a drag. eventually work is over and you go home still in your grumpy mood. You walk through the door and greet your spouse in an acerbic manner. Now your spouse has joined your bad mood. On and on your mood is effecting all your relationships from friends to family and into your professional work. 

Now this example may, yes, be a bit extreme. However take a moment to think back into your own life. Do we sometimes play out that part? Yes, sometimes even I let my mood control me and ruin my countless hours previously spent working on my various relationships. 

Lets take a look at how attitude can revolutionize this disastrous day. Back to your morning, you have a broken phone and you are now late for work. But you realize you need to approach this in a positive manner. So you take a moment to appreciate one small detail in your life. It does not need to be a major miracle, just appreciate that your alive. Be thankful that it is only your phone that is broken and not something irreplaceable, such as the life of a loved one. And be happy that you have a job to be late to. 

With this new perspective suddenly you are in a completely different state of mind then in the previous scenario. You realize that your phone can be replaced and it is insignificant compared to the gifts you have been granted in life. You can deal with the displeasure your boss has shown you because you are thankful for your job and you know that it is only temporary. With your new appreciation you greet everyone with a smile that comes from being happy with exactly what you have and not wishing for a single thing more.

All your interpersonal relationships, and even your own mind, benefits from this small attitude change. And honestly was that so hard? Just put everything into the proper perspective and start enjoying life. Yes, some things are very major and you will be sad sometimes. However with this new outlook you will always be looking out for the positive in every situation that arises. That in itself will help you be happier right where you are. And your happiness will start to affect thoes around you in a beautiful and joyful way. Relish the way people now enjoy being around you and enjoy your new appreciation for this stunning world and your incredible true self.

Go from sad to happy instantly =)