AMD makes a wide range of video graphics drivers for laptops and desktop computer under the ATI and Radeon names. ATI drivers are the software component of the video cards that allows the CPU and display to properly use the ATI video card in your system. Video cards are crucial to the operation of all computers allowing the display to function. Advanced video cards also support graphics acceleration allowing you to play video games and watch videos on your computer.


But if you need to update ATI drivers due to a software glitch or from installing an upgraded video card you might need to completely remove the old ATI support drivers first. 


First you will need to remove the ATI drivers program from your Windows desktop software. To do this, go to the Start menu and choose Control Panel. Locate the Add/Remove Programs section of the Control panel.


Scroll through all the available programs until you find the ATI Display Driver and the ATI Catalyst Control programs. Select each one and choose Delete or Remove Program. Wait for the programs to be deleted and restart the computer if prompted to do so.ATI Graphics Driver UninstallCredit: By Sygle (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


If you are going to be installing a new video graphics card simply turn the computer off after the program removal and install the new graphics card per the particular card’s instructions. Turn the computer back on after installing the new card or after removing the old ATI video drivers and allow the computer to detect the video card and install the needed drivers. The computer will need to be connected to the internet for this process. If the new video card came with drivers, use the CD to install the drivers as prompted.


If the old ATI graphics drivers are still on the computer (often noticed by errors in the updating process or incompatible hardware prompts on screen) you’ll need to manually remove the leftover ATI support drivers.


Find your old/current ATI video card model you are trying to remove drivers for on the ATI website: .


Once you find your specific model download the ATI driver uninstaller and run the uninstaller as prompted on screen. This uninstaller will remove any remaining video card drivers as well as any system registry keys associated with the video card. 


Restart the computer and reinstall the new drivers as prompted by Windows or the CD that came with the new video card. Once finished the new drivers will be installed correcting any issue you had with the ATI drivers that were previously installed.