Marvel: Avengers Alliance

Trailing close on the heel of Marvel: Avengers Alliance's fourth Spec Ops, through which a new hero, Ghostrider, could be unlocked by all players who managed to complete it in time, is its fifth Spec Ops , centred around Loki's brand of havoc with the insinuation of a new type of unstable ISO-8s and a new hero, Valkyrie, classed as a Bruiser. Given the length of time to complete this Spec Ops, I assume all veteran players should face no seeming difficulty. Here are a few tips regarding how I managed to complete the last few Spec Ops in time with a few days left to boot, which I'm sure newcomers to Marvel: Avengers Alliance may find useful.

  1. Every action that you take in a Spec Ops mission consumes a certain amount of special ISO-8s. For instance, normal fights and deployments usually require 10 ISO-8s, whereas boss fights 20 ISO-8s. The few ways to accumulate this resource include receiving free gifts from your allies, the limit per day of which is 50. To maximise the amount of ISO-8s you can receive in a day from your allies, it is best to avoid accepting other gifts that are not essential in the course of completing the three Spec Ops missions and finally recruiting Valkyrie into your character roster. 

    The daily and battle roulettes also pose as free sources of ISO-8s, though the chances of such incidences are less than reliable, compensated only by the number of ISO-8s you can actually received (20). Special ISO-8s can also appear as random drops in a battle, which again weigh heavily on chance, and so act as miniscule contributions to your ISO-8 stock. There is the option of exchanging gold for special ISO-8s, though a less useful one in my opinion on account of the next hint.

  2. In every Spec Ops I've participated, there is the recurrent task of defeating an Epic Boss in one of the Spec Ops mission, with the requirement that all battles and deployments must be completed in order to unlock the Epic Boss. More often than not, I don't find the combat aspect of a Spec Ops as troublesome as completing all the deployments required, which usually specify a certain heroes to be deployed, and more often than not, I would be forced to grind on missions in past chapters of the game in order to gather up the necessary number of command points to recruit the needed heroes for deployment. Which isn't to say I don't completely enjoy the effort; it does give one the opportunity to backtrack a certain segment of the game's plot. There are two ways to go through this: either attempt to obtain five stars for a mission, which rewards you with five command points for the effort; or grind on missions with an Epic Boss, in which you stand a chance to win at most 10 command points from the Epic Boss roulette, plus at most 5 command points from the normal Boss roulette, though it is almost impossible to receive command points in both instances most of the time. So choose whichever path you think takes you in the shortest amount of time to the heroes you need for deployments, and choose wisely. You can exchange gold for command points as well, which, according to experience, have proven to be a much rarer commodity than special ISO-8s. 

The difficulty level of each Spec Ops mission is adjusted to your Agent's present level, so it is best that you make good use of the unique weapons rewarded to you by completing certain Spec Ops task, especially upon arriving at the point where you are required to fight the Epic Boss of the Spec Ops in order to make any progress. All said and done, the final reward of your exploits will be worth your while, which is more than I can say about the exclusive hero of Spec Ops 5, Valkyrie, whose attributes and skillset seem a tad underwhelming than being a Bruiser would suggest.