Several months ago, the census forms were sent out. They needed to be mailed in on April 1. If you did not return your form, you will likely be one of those people that will get a knock on your door from a Census Taker or Surveyor. This process is important, because it helps local and state governments get the funding they need from the federal government for programs that they provide to their citizens. If you are not counted your local government could lose money that they need, and would be entitled to.

If you sent in your census form, you should not expect to be contacted by a census taker. If you do get a knock on your door, the census taker will have an identification badge, with their name and signature, along with a black canvas bag with the Department of Commerce and Census Bureau logos. Ask to see their identification.

They will not ask for any personal information. It is not necessary to provide a legitimate census taker with your social security number or driver's license number or any banking information.

The questions that the census taker will ask are to gather information about who lived at the address on April 1, 2010. Below is a list of the questions that will be asked for each person who resided at the address on April 1, 2010. These are the exact same questions that were on the form, that should have been mailed in on April 1, 2010.

Question 1: How many people were living or staying at the address on April 1, 2010?

Question 2: Were there any additional people staying at the address on April 1, 2010 that you did not include in Question 1? You will be asked to identify all that apply from a specific list.

Question 3: Is this house, apartment or mobile home: Owned by you or someone in the household with a mortgage or loan? Owned by you or someone in this household free and clear? Rented? Occupied without payment or rent? You will need to choose one answer for this question.

Question 4: What is your telephone number? (This is in case they have a problem reading any of the information and need to follow up)

Question 5: You will be asked the name of each person living at the address and then several specific questions will be asked about each person. The owner who owns or rents the home will be listed as Person 1, and then everyone else will need to answer the same personal information.

Question 6: What is Person 1's sex? Choose between male or female.

Question 7: What is Person 1's age and date of birth?

Question 8: Is person 1 of Hispanic, Latino or Spanish origin? There will be several other choices, if one of these do not apply.

Question 9: What is Person 1's race? There will be a list to choose from.

Question 10: Does Person 1 sometimes live or reside somewhere? There will be several choices and you choose all that apply to Person 1.

These questions need to be answered for every person living at the address. But there is NO reason to provide any personal information. If you feel you are asked for information that you should not be, then report the incident to the Census Bureau through the Federal Trade Commission by visiting their website.

This information was gathered from the 2010 Census Bureau website.