This might blow your mind.

I know that a lot of guys have struggled with the conundrum of what to say to girls. They get lost in their own worries and just can't think about the perfect conversation topic, the best joke, or worst of all the ideal compliment.

So, no more waiting, no more worrying, and no more missing out on opportunities.

"...I find that really sexy in a girl."

She thinks it's a sweet compliment!

She thinks its a sweet compliment
Credit: Sarah Feng, ABC (American Born Chinese)

Alright, so that's just a fraction of a compliment. But I guarantee you that the rest is easy. And you only need to get it right once!

This is a very special compliment because it shows two things. One, that you've thought about whatever it is that you like about her and decided it was worth complimenting her on. Two, that you're complimenting her because her being amazing turns you on.

Contrary to popular belief, compliments should always be about the person giving the compliment, not the person receiving it. This is because if I compliment a girl for doing something that I like, I've given her something. If I compliment her on something that she expects or I say something like, "Wow you're really beautiful, lots of guys must really like you," I'm not giving her any new perspective on herself.

That first point is incredibly important though, and the final bit of this article will focus on it.

What Makes Her Amazing, and Why

If you break out with, "You're beautiful, I find that really sexy about you," you've thrown away your one chance to use the perfect compliment for a girl. For shame.

This is because you haven't given any thought to the compliment. And really, there's not much you need to think about.

Right now, jot down four or five characteristics of women that you really like. Then, write a short sentence or two about why it's on your list. I'll writ a short list here because I know you didn't do it.

  • Fitness - It shows that she cares about her body and her health, and I love girls who are proud of their bodies.
  • Fashion - Similar to the above, it shows that she's aware that her appearance matters. Plus I like it when girls dress to impress... me!
  • Passion - For basically anything - I just like to see that spark in her eyes and in her actions.
  • Family values - It makes me think of her as a person who is capable of being stable. Family is an important thing in my life, so I hope she shares this.
  • Emotional maturity - If she can handle tough times with a smile, she's way beyond most people I know. I have immense respect for someone like this.

Now let me show you how simple this becomes.

"(1) I love that you're so fit. (2) It shows that you actually care about your body and I'm guessing you're really proud of it. (3) I find that really sexy about you."

Let's break that down before I leave you to actually write out your own list.

  1. Specify something on your list.
  2. Talk about why it's on your list.
  3. Throw in the magic words.

See? Simple, functional, perfect.