The lazy way to compost is to simply hide things away until they become compost.  Damp leaves will rot if they are left in a garbage bag.  How long it will take depends on whether or not the leaves are shredded.  The hard part about composting leaves in bags is waiting past the leaf mold stage.  Leaves become leaf mold before they are compost and leaf mold is some nice stuff.

The first thing you have to do is get some leaves and a bag.  Sounds kind of silly but once you get started you’ll realize you don’t have anywhere near enough leaves – well unless you live in a forest or something.  You can collect your own leaves or get some from the neighbors.  Most folks just get rid of their leaves but you and I know that isn’t the right thing to do.

Once you get your leaves you want to get’em damp.  The old adage of “as damp as a wrung out sponge” is one that we’re going to follow.  The easiest way to get the leaves wet is to put them into the bag and then give them a spritz or 3 from the hose.

I probably should have mentioned that if you want fast compost you’ll want to shred them first.  I like using my leaf blower vac attachment for this.  It’s fun and gets the job done.  You can shred them with a lawn mower or get one of them fancy shredders that they sell for a few hundred bucks.  My shredding vacuum was free with my house so I’ll stick with it. 

Ok the leaves are shredded, bagged, and damp.  Now you just put that bag in an out of the way place (so it doesn’t drive family and friends nuts) and wait a year.  I said it was the lazy way not the fast way.  Once your year is up you should have some nice compost made from leaves that is ready to be put into the garden.  If you don’t shred you may have to wait 2 years for your compost.  Shredding is good.