With the introduction of characters such as Katniss Everdeen from the Hunger Games Series and Tauriel from the Lord of the Rings saga, sales for compound bows for women are soaring. Women are the fastest growing demographic in the industry. Many times, it seemed as though women were ignored in archery, but those days are slowly fading away. Many of the major manufacturers are catering specifically to these women’s needs and designing their bows accordingly with these women in mind.

I know that many women have had to struggle with the lack of inclusion in this part of the industry. Many of the major manufacturers would constantly group the women’s bows in with the youth bows. The reasoning behind this is that most women typically have smaller (child like) frames and are not able to pull back some of the draw weights that are required on some of the more aggressive bows. A compound bow for a full-grown woman and a child are two different things and often these bows had slow speeds and “safe” cams that did not give women the power they needed to hunt.

When you are talking about a compound bow, everything revolves around math. There is no way around it. The women’s compound bows that are on the market right now will never shoot as fast as a bow that has a 75-pound draw weight, because it is mathematically impossible. They can however shoot at a much faster speed than they used to when they were clumped up with the youth bows.

When you are searching through the many compound bows for women that are on the market you need to make sure that you get something that has a light mass weight. A new waffle type cutout on the riser being present means that the bow will typically be lighter. You should get a bow that has a mass weight between three and four pounds. This will help a lot when you are out in the field so that you do not tire yourself out as much.

You should also make sure that you are getting a bow that can be adjusted. By getting a bow with an adjustable draw weight, you will be able to set the draw length to your specific needs. You also want to make sure that you get a bow that has a relatively longer axel to axel, so that you can have a more stable bow. Remember that you are [typically] more petite then the average archer so you are going to be somewhat limited by your physique.

Much advancement has been made in the archery industry for compound bows for women. What was once lumped together with the children’s bows has now blossomed into its own flourishing segment. I would urge the women out there to go check out the offerings that are on the market for them at the moment. You may have been discouraged when you were initially looking for a bow because there was nothing on the market that was good enough. Let me ensure you that the times have changed and that there are very powerful bows on the market geared specifically towards you.