If you’re an athlete then you might have heard of how compression clothing can help you. Sports athletes have been using tights, elastic shorts, and vests when working out or training. This clothing provides style, injury prevention, and it can help with performance. Is there any evidence that this type of clothing can actually help you during speed training?

Medical studies have shown how this compression clothing can help with blood flow after operations and in the lower extremities. Scientists have taken these studies and applied them to sports to see if there were the same results. During tests the athletes performed various movies such as vertical jumps and the tests showed that the subjects wearing compression clothing were able to maintain their power during these exercises. The tests showed that athletes were better able to resist fatigue when using compression clothing. Other tests have said that this clothing can also increase the stride of the athlete.

Other studies indicated that compression clothing can increase the coordination of the muscles of the person wearing this clothing. The studies showed a reduction in muscle oscillation which enhanced performance in the athlete. The reduction in muscle fatigue was a result of the compression clothing the athletes wore. Since compression clothing puts pressure on the body when it’s worn it helps to support the underlying tissue. This pressure improves circulation and reduces ankle as well as swelling of the legs during workouts.

Benefits for Speed Training

There are several benefits for athletes who wear compression clothing for training purposes and speed.

  • More Agility – there’s more stability and agility in the athlete who wears compression clothing they are more aware and have increased senses. Your technique is better as you are aware of the position of your body during the exercise or sport. If you wear this clothing during training for speed you’ll see a big difference in your overall performance.
  • Less Fatigue – When you exercise your muscles will relax and contract multiple times which causes a great deal of fatigue. This fatigue greatly reduces your speed so the clothing can provide more endurance, power and strength for better performance in the athletic activity.
  • Circulation – Compression clothing helps an athlete warm up and provides a better blood flow during speed training. The clothing is also thick so there’s a better body temperature in various climates.
  • Recovery –The fabric helps a speed athlete recover after exercise as it removes the blood lactate which promotes a faster healing of the muscles after strenuous workouts. There’s less swelling of the limbs when wearing compression clothing. The soreness that can occur after exercise also seems to be reduced when the athlete wears compression clothing.

Increase Speed With Compression Clothing

It’s easy to see that compression clothing can in fact help with the speed training. This clothing has numerous benefits for any athlete and studies have shown that this clothing can increase speed. While the speed gains will probably not be much they can make the difference between winning and losing in competitive sports and other events where your time is a critical factor.