If you have been told by your doctor that you need to start wearing compression socks, it would be a good idea to do so. If you have never heard the term compression socks mentioned in the past, you may not know how useful they are. They are a useful tool when it comes to keeping your vascular system healthy. Graduated compression hosiery is usually recommended y doctors when you need to work on promoting healthy blood circulation in your legs. They will help circulate lymph fluid out of your legs, as well. If you have any vascular issues, your doctor may decide that they would help you. If your doctor does not mention them during your consultation, you should ask him if they will help when treating any vascular disorder you might have.

Finding the correct size is the most important aspect of buying compression stockings. Rather than helping treat your condition, choosing socks that are the wrong size could potentially make things worse. You may have some trouble at first figuring out exactly what size of compression socks you will need. Most of the time, you will not be able to try the compression socks on; talking to your doctor first will tell you how much compression you will need. They are rated on a basis of mmHg, which is how much pressure they apply. Measure your calf and ankle ahead of time in order to ensure that you are buying the right size of compression socks, which is the most important part of buying them.

Unless people know that they are medical socks, they will probably never know the difference. The great thing about socks like these is that they come in many different styles and look just like regular socks. >From knee-high to pantyhose, there are several different lengths to choose from. These socks are primarily used after a surgery so that blood clots in the legs do not form. What size your compression stockings are is important, as is the material they are made of. Your doctor will guide you as to which material you should choose. Just in case the material of choice for your compression stockings is not mentioned, just look for the correct size and check the label to determine its primary use. You should be find as long as you understand why you need to wear these stockings. You can also speak to the employees if you are still confused about which compression stockings to get.