Certification is when you have achieved a certain qualification. In the field of Information Technology, 'certified' means that you are showing expertise in a particular area of information technology and is able to utilize the appropriate applications in that area. Certification in a certain computer application or software gives you the recognition as a person able to use the particular software or application in an effective manner. For this purpose many computer certification training institutes have been developed. Computer certification training gives you a lot of opportunities as it is recognized by almost all fields. There are many companies that provide you with computer certification training. They provide certification in various aspects of information technology. A few basic certifications provided by computer certification training classes are CNA (Certified Novell Administrator), MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional), and MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer). Computer certification training on Microsoft products provides you with world wide recognition in the IT field. Computer certification training on Microsoft products can be obtained via the internet or institutes specializing in Microsoft technologies. Cisco is another reputed company which provides certification on their technologies, mainly on networks. In Cisco there are levels of computer certification training: Associate, Professional, and Expert. Under these levels there are different certification courses covering different aspects of computer networks. IBM, Sun, Oracle, and Novell are some of the other companies that provide computer certification training on their technologies. Computer certification training can be obtained online. There are many sites that provide online training videos, lectures, and study tips. They also provide information on choosing an appropriate certification training course to suit your needs. Having IT certification is a great advantage in any career. Your designation will have more authority and value if you are certified in some aspect of Information Technology. An IT certified personnel receives an average annual salary of about 85000$. It is also advantageous when it comes to getting a new job, promotions and other upgrades in your career. Even in fields which have nothing to do with Information Technology, being IT certified is an added bonus. But all computer certifications do not have the same validity. There are some certifications which can be obtained by merely registering. These lack the exams and thorough study of the course contents. Therefore if you are planning to enroll for computer certification training, take the time to check all the details about the certification course. Check the career options, job opportunities, demand for that qualification, and your personal preference.