How Much Does a Computer Engineer Make?

Are you trying to figure out what you would like to do with your career? Have you considered what the available options are? We are going to focus in on computer engineering compared to two of the other top growth fields. We will look at computer engineering salary, what they do and job growth expectations. The two other top growth careers that we will be comparing are biomedical engineering and translation and interpretation.

Computer Engineering

Computer engineering is a field that has enjoyed consistent growth. This is largely due to the fact computers and technology has consistently become more important in day-to-day life. For organizations of all sizes excellent information technology staff, of which computer engineers play a critical role, has gone from a competitive advantage to simply part of the cost of doing business. Also, with such rapid advances in the IT field[3] organizations need the best staff on hand to keep up. What this means for you is a great deal of future opportunity at a job growth rate of 34% through 2018 [1]. 

The average computer engineering salary in the United States is $88,000. This puts it 52% higher than the average salary in the United States [2]. In this role you are required to diagnose, and design as well as build solutions for, information technology related issues. This can be either hardware of software related and, in fact, often requires management of integration of hardware with software. 

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Biomedical Engineering

In this field you are responsible for finding and solving problems related to biology and medicine. Biomedical engineers can do anything from designing prosthetic limbs to medical information systems. This field has benefited from the aging baby boomers and the resulting focus on medicine and health care. In fact, this career has been riding this trend for some time and is projected to continue the trend ending up in a 62% job growth by 2020. Also good to note, the median biomedical engineering salary is $84,670 per year.[4]

 Translation and Interpretation

Translation and interpretation as a field has a predicted job growth of 42% by 2020 [4]. This growth has been due to the increase in globalization and a borderless world. With the need to interact with others from around the world comes the need to understand other languages and cultures. Translators and interpreters essentially convert communication from one language to another. This communication can be either written of verbal. 

What most people do not know about the field of translation and interpretation is the need for a clear understanding of not only the language but also the cultures whose language is being converted. The culture behind the language is critical as often words and phrases cannot be converted literally but must instead be paraphrased. It is these added levels of complexity that prevents digital devices from taking over the field and ensures that those working in this field have a median salary of $44,160 [4].

There you have it. We have compared computer engineering to both biomedical engineering and translation and interpretation. I hope that this review helps you to steer your career in the right direction. Enjoy the career discovery process and have fun.