file management


One of the most tedious things to do on your computer is to try to find where the heck all your files and folders are. If you don't have a logical naming convention it's easy to get lost in the sea of files and folders especially if the data is spread throughout multiple devices. Below is a list of utilities that I use on a regular basis to search, compress and store all my information. You'd be amazed at how efficient you will become if you use at least one or two of these free utilities.

Google Desktop

Google desktop indexes your whole hard drive and searches everything as though you were doing a web search. If you've ever lost an email or deleted a file, this utility will be a life saver. You also have the option to run widgets with Google desktop which allows you to view the weather, take notes and a whole slough of other things. The best thing about it is that it's totally free and can be downloaded at keyword "Google desktop download"


Evernote is the most amazing piece of software I've ever used it allows you to store all your ideas, notes and screen clippings all in one application that synchronizes across multiple computers. You get up to 40mb when you sign up for a free account and if you go premium it's only 5 dollars a month for a 500mb storage capacity. I store everything from grocery list to itineraries on this utility and the best thing is it goes where ever I have a computer.


Dropbox is a cloud folder that resides in your user documents folder. Basically it's a folder that is stored on the web but accessed locally. What that means is that on any computer you put dropbox on as long as you put the file in the dropbox folder all the computers see that file or folder. This eliminates the need to carry a usb drive whenever you need to get to a file but you're not on the right computer. A free account gives you 2gb of storage and it's only 9.99 a month for a 50gb and 19.99 for a 100 gb of storage.


This utility is a must when you have a lot of files you want to compress and send via email. It actually is a way better utility then win zip because the rar format can actually compress 15 -20% more files than the zip format. It also unpacks a multitude of formats such as TAR, ISO, ACE, ZIP and the list goes on an on. It also does compression conversion, which is great when you need to change a file from a TAR format to a Zip format.