Are you fed up and frustrated with the backward customer Service by the bigger companies? Many of these companies have great web pages with all the information about their business. They show case their products and that’s where they let themselves down.

When you are looking for particular information on buying a product you expect to find it on their site. When we try to shop online we want to know how much it will cost, the delivery charges and when we can expect to receive it.  Many do not give you a price, in many instances you have to contact them personally by phone.  That is not good for online shoppers.

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Bad Customer Contact


Yes we can all have bad days like me.


We received a request to update our information with fly-buys. Which is a great idea right?

The web page offered a contact us tab, when you try to use their contact us tab, they give you a list of their idea of the FAQ's that they think you want information about.The one you need is not included.


Snail mail

 So you look for another way to contact them and give you another suggestion. You can contact them on the postal address which they supply by posting your query to them on the old snail mail.

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Phone Contact


Oh yes! They also offer you the opportunity of ringing them. And yes that will cost you precious dollars while you hang on going through their computer generated questions.

If you are ringing for information on a particular topic, you have to wait and listen to which number to press. After going through that process and finally reach the department you need; you get to that very unwelcome message - "we are experiencing an extra load of calls... blah.. blah...

Where is that thing they used to call customer service? And people ask why I loved the old days. At least the businesses cared enough about their customers to give us personal service

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Updating your Personal Details

I received an email in this instance from fly-buys. They wanted me to update my information yet they do not set their web pages to accept the changes you require for one reason or another.

Companies with web pages need to understand that since the advent of Mobile phones hundreds of people like us do not have a home phone and even though you update your postal address information it will not accept the changes without a home phone number.

Therefore when I tried to update our information it would not accept the fact we can not enter a phone number that does not exist.

How I changed my details

Yes after about 15 minutes I did succeed. I started by taking out the area code and inserting N/A in the number section. That failed.

I tried inserting nil. That failed

Then I put a row of zeros in the number slot. Failed

I tried leaving off the area code of my mobile number and entered the rest. Failed

By this time I was getting really annoyed, So, I tried to respond to their original email because it did not state on the bottom that it was a non-respond email.

Within 10 minutes I received their computer generated no response email.

I eventually succeeded by using my original area code and inserting the numbers 12345678. Wow! That’s how dumb they are. That really proves computers don't know everything.

Addresses with unacceptable words

I do understand the reason for blocking words of what the computer calls profanity. Although when you buy a home you cannot change the name of your street, right.

I had not given any thought to the problems that this would confront me when buying this house. Yes, I always give a bit of a smirk when someone asks me for my address. They look at you as though to say oh yes, and I could give them a smart reply but its not their fault that you live in that street right?

I will not give you the name of my street but suffice to say it is something that guys often brag about. There are all different names for this but…..

My first problem when registering on the net for something was a rejection to my address. It kept coming up as no profanity allowed on site. After repeatedly entering it, I was pulling my hair out.

I finally worked out that I may be able to trick the computer. I typed the street name again, although this time I added a space in between each letter. And it worked.


I still think you can not beat the real human kind of personal customer Service. But I believe we have to accept change, and wish these big companies would think outside the box and wake up to changes they need to make in regards to how they communicate with their clients.

Please feel free to add your thoughts, feelings and experiences of frustration with dealing with non human customer service.