Using a computer keyboard ergonomic wrist rest whether for the keyboard on a desktop computer, laptop or for the mouse or mouse pad (if you use one) is a great way to support your wrist and help prevent the aches that can happen after computer use, typing, shopping or simply surfing online.

It all depends on the type of activities you do online, and where the support is needed most.  If you spend most of your time typing then keyboard support is your goal, if you find the clicking and moving of the mouse to be the most difficult then you should consider mouse or mouse pad support or both.

There are a few different ways to achieve this support, below are just 5 ways that may just inspire you to consider the support rather than giving up on your computer totally or wincing in pain!  With everything online now from banking to shopping, you don’t want to associate pain with the computer!

These are affordable additions you can get for your computer or laptop that can really help with the support that is needed to get your work done, especially if you do a lot of typing.

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Keyboard Ergonomic Wrist Rest – This is a product usually made from memory foam or soft materials that sit right in front of the keyboard to give your wrists and forearms some support while you are typing.  Raising your wrists while typing can be painful for some people, so by purchasing an ergonomically shaped keyboard rest that fills in that height gap, will help support them.

This one works well with a desktop computer system where the keyboard is separate, you can usually adjust them to the right angle that is comfortable for you.

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Laptop Wrist Rest – This is a cushiony soft form that fits right on your laptop so that you can rest your hand and wrist while you are surfing.  This one works well and can make a big difference for anyone with sore wrists or injuries who uses a laptop.

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Mouse Pad with Rest as one – If you find your biggest problem with repetitive injury or aching wrists is with the mouse and all the movement and clicking involved, then you can purchase gel mouse pads that have a built in support to help hold your wrist at the right angle while surfing.

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Separate mouse pad support - If you don’t really need a mouse pad, but do need the support, then you can get a gel filled mouse support that you lay your wrist on while surfing.  These work quite well for anyone that uses a mouse for their computer work.

Cat Shaped Mouse Wrist Rest – Just because you may need some support doesn’t mean you can’t be stylish!  This is a gel filled cat that is soft and supportive for use while you are on the computer.

If nothing else it will make you smile when you see it, and help with the pain!

There are many ergonomic wrist rest supports on the market, you just need to decide which is the most bothersome for you, or if you need support for both the keyboard and the mouse.  If you do a lot of typing, you should consider one of these products as they really do help.

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