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How important is upgrading ones operating system? Well, I have been searching in the Internet about that matter, and I can't find any information that is good enough for me. I don't know if I am that hard to please or maybe because I want to do some experiment, I like experiments. I tried to experiment using 3 OS (Operating System). I am sorry if I am limited only to Microsoft Window's OS, but I am sure the principles that I would conclude later in the experiment would apply to any type of Operating System. Furthermore, my test would be limited only by using computer viruses, to see if how each would react when infected with computer viruses. Okay these are my three guinea pigs: Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows Vista and Microsoft Windows 7.

TEST SUBJECT 1: Microsoft Windows XP

xp (37631)

The moment I plugged in the USB, the viruses took over my system (just like Skynet on the Terminator movie). My task manager was quickly disabled along with my antivirus software (I purposely outdated my antivirus).

task manager disabled

My computer slowed down, it feels like it would take forever when I tried to open my Internet browser and load to a site. Something seems to be gaining access to the Internet other than me (well, it could be the viruses calling for back-up, believe me they do that). I tried to update my antivirus software but an error occurred, I also tried manual update but still an error occurred on the downloaded update, it kept indicating that the file is corrupted. Finally, the infamous stop error screen or most known as BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) then I gave up. How sad, I hardly knew the OS.

TEST SUBJECT 2: Microsoft Windows Vista

vista (37632)

I plugged my precious USB again and injected purposely the virus to the system. It took a moment, before I notice that the computer is running slowly though I can still access my task manager. I took a look on the processes running in my system via task manager and observed that there are some unknown processes running. My Internet browser loading speed was reduced. I plugged another clean USB, unplugged it and tested it to another PC and found that the USB was infected too. Though the virus didn't damage my Vista as much as it damaged my XP, it is still capable of multiplying and infecting other removable devices. I tried using a virus cleaner to clean up my Vista, though the cleaner had successfully removed the viruses my registry needs a lot of fixing. Since the virus might have replaced some important files in my system. My time was consumed in finding way how to bring back those missing registries. Well, at least I had saved my Vista.

TEST SUBJECT 3: Microsoft Windows 7

7 (37633)

So here comes my USB to my final test subject. I plugged it and nothing seems to happen. I tried opening the Internet browser and some applications. The performance didn't seem to change; the system's speed remains the same. The task manager is running fine and there are no unknown processes running. I opened the USB and there I found in plain sight Mr. New Folder.exe, Mr. Autorun.inf, Mr. Recycler and a bunch more of viruses .It's pretty neat to have such different kinds of computer viruses, honestly those didn't come from me it's from a friend and he seems to be fund on collecting those on his PC. Back to our test, the viruses was completely disarmed because they were inside completely unfamiliar terrain. So it's pretty fulfilling when I tried manually deleting them. I checked again my system after the manual deletion of the viruses and it seems to be fine, done a full system virus scan and no virus was detected. So in short nothing happened to my Windows 7, not even a scratch on its registry.


So I therefore conclude that one good reason for upgrading your operating system is to be safe against viruses, malwares and spywares included. As the test exhibited, the more upgraded your OS is, the less prone your system to those infamous viruses, at least the current ones that are out. Of course I still encourage you to install antivirus software, do remember that if Microsoft can upgrade those virus makers can upgrade too. Those virus makers are not to be underestimated; they are programming gods in their own ways. I hope this article give you some insight on why one must upgrade ones operating system. I enjoyed with this experiment I hope you did too.

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