Podcasts are a great way to get relevant information on the subjects that interest you. There are quite a few podcasts dedicated to help and inform computer consultants.  One such podcast is called the Mike Tech show.  In this article I'll review this podcast as a whole so you'll better understand if this is the right podcast for you.

What Is It About?

The Mike Tech Show podcast is hosted by Mike Smith, a computer consultant who owns his own repair company near Philadelphia, PA.  The show normally airs on Thursday evenings where he streams it live via UStream.  Listeners can interact with the host directly via the chat room during this time.  The show usually has one or two main themes that Mike will cover in the first sections.  An average podcast consists of a mixture of his personal experiences in the field and answering quesitons that listeners have asked him via email or voicemail.  He uses his own knowledge to answer many of the quesitons, but will also reach out to the listeners to ask for answers to some of the more perplexing querries he receives.  On occasion he will have a special guest or special shows that break from the usual format.  Mike will normally end the show with a selection of music from an independent artist to highlight his love of music and his support for the indie music scene.


The biggest draw of this podcast is the host himself, Mike Smith.  He has a very warm and inviting personality that gives the audience the sense that they can trust him and his advice is always well-intentioned.  He's open to hearing new ideas, but he's also very knowledgable himself. 

The episode contents are varied and run the gamut from how to resolve very technical break-fix  issues to more general topics about running the business.  He'll also insert some personal stories about his family which really help the listener feel like they know the man behind the microphone.

The shows air very regularly, which is something that's hard to find in Podcasts.   It's rare that you'll find Mike skipping a weekly show or recording it on a different day.


The show's biggest strength can also be it's biggest weakness.  Sometimes Mike can carry on about a family story or a personal situaiton that has nothing to do with computer consulting.  As a result, you may feel your time is being wasted if you're only interested in the hard facts.  Conversely, when the subject matter starts drilling down into ultra-specific details of a particular issue, the content can become dry and boring if it's not something you have experience with.

Final Word

Overall, the Mike Tech Show is one of my favorite computer podcasts.  Mike is a likeable guy who knows his stuff and he explains things well.  The addition of independent music gives the show an interesting angle and makes it stand out from all the other tech podcats out there.