A computer programming degree offers a lot, and it will give many career opportunities to those who at some point in their life decide to use their PC keyboards in better ways, rather than use it for online gaming or the pointless chatting and social networks twittering.

If you decide to turn your computer passion into a goal aiming for a real career in the Information Technology Industry then a computer programming degree should be on your short list of which educations you would be aiming for. A college degree in Computer Science or Computer Engineering is always going to matter more to an employing professional company than any other IT knowledge that someone gained through a more informal learning process.

A computer programming degree is the official proof that you are a person who are truly dedicated to the world of bits and bytes, and code lines. And there are many opportunities for those, who through intense training and devotement have become an expert computer programmer, web developer, software analyst, application developer, web advertising developer, server administrator or other IT related areas.

It is true that while you spend years mastering one or several programming languages in school, other people poorly trained might get promising jobs simply because they started working earlier than you did. And even though they have been accumulating first hand experience in programming, then in the long run you will surely catch up if you gain a college degree in computer science. So that you know someone who gets computer programming jobs without any formal computer programming education should not discourage you from continuing your studies!

So, don't stop your college studies. However, small part time jobs might be a good idea for you, giving you two benefits at the same time: Experience in programming a few real world applications, and some money. Many students start building impressive programming careers early in their college years, thanks to the fact that serious companies will know how to look here for potential employees. A serious company will rather have contact with a student, and follow his or hers progress in the computer and information technology area, rather than paying attention to the hundreds of job applicants who are sending otherwise suspicious CVs .

The only reason why you should consider stopping your studies for a computer programming degree is if you realize that you don't want to find yourself trapped in front of a computer, working with more or less virtual data. If you think you won't get much satisfaction from working in a domain where your work goes to sleep once the electricity runs out, then you better turn off your computer right away and go look for career opportunities in either more material places, or maybe rather a more soft artistic career.

But if you after careful considerations decide on a career in computer programming, then make a serious choice of where you want to study and acquire your computer knowledge. Search the Internet for good colleges who offer fully accredited education in computer science with a focus on programming.

Maybe there is an educational institute close to your home town, maybe you decide to study far from home, or maybe you want to get online computer training. But regardless of where you decide to learn programming, then select an accredited institution that can give you a programming or computer science degree.