Did you know that up to 75% of out of date computers are in storage somewhere? It’s true, this old equipment is gathering dust in your basement or taking up room in your garage. But there are several good options for recycling and disposing of old computers.

 Properly disposing old computing equipment will not only give you back some storage space, it will be a real boost to the environment.


Computer Recycling

 Many of the components in old computers can be used again, whether in new computers or in other products. This includes the glass from older types of monitors, the rubber and plastic from keyboards, and the metal from computer shells. What’s more, toxic elements that are found in computers such as cadmium and lead should not find their way into landfills where they can leach into the water and soil.

 The good news is that recycling your computer is now easier than ever, with recycling centers available in most towns and cities. Many computer stores offer recycling too and will ensure that components like old computer towers and batteries are recycled or reused in beneficial ways.


Computer Reuse

 Recycling outdated computers is a good option when they are broken and can’t be fixed, but computers that still work can be sold online or even donated to your favorite organization or charity. Schools, community centers, and churches are often pleased to have your older computers when you get new ones for your home. In fact, some of these place need computers so badly that they are often willing to take broken, but reparable, computers.


Installing Upgrades

 We all love new things, whether this is a new home, new boat, or a new computer. But before you decide to dump your old computer, see if updating some of the components is a good option. You might be able to easily and cheaply add memory or storage space to your computer or put in a new graphics or sound card and extend your computer’s usable life. This won’t just save you some cash, it will keep your computer out of the landfill.

 Or, maybe some of these old components can be used with your brand new system. Working hard drives form otherwise broken computers can be used for data storage or backup. Old monitors wired in tandem with new monitors can extend your viewing area.


But Wait! Before Recycling

 We all know that we need to keep our environment safe by keeping dangerous chemicals out of the water and soil and by reusing old products and goods whenever we can. And proper computer recycling can go along way in protecting our beautiful planet.

 But we also want to make sure that we stay safe when we recycle our computers by not allowing any sensitive data they might contain to get into the wrong hands. After all, some people make a lot of money by stealing data such as bank account numbers and login information from computing equipment.

 Thus, before disposing of or recycling your computer, make sure you’ve erased any sensitive data from your various drives. Stay safe and stay green!