This is a common problem with office workers, eye strain and that end of the day headache you get after work. This isn’t that hard to avoid if you know how, it just takes some preparation.

 Walking and fresh air

If at all possible walk home or cycle home after work, this works wonders on eye strain and headaches at the end of a long day sitting in front of a screen. If walking home isn’t an option then get out and walk for at least 30 minutes after work. This works so well in clearing your head in the evening especially if you plan on writing info barrel articles after work but find you are too tired and head sore.

Walk into work to whenever possible, this prepares your head for a day at work and really wakes you up. The more exercise you get the less likely you will have chronic head pain and eye strain, the added benefit of looking at things in the distance helps your eyes with long distance focusing and exercise them.

 Look away from the screen regularly

This is important, look away into the distance or out the window, or focus on writing across the room so that your eyes don’t get lazy.

Don’t sit too near the screen either; remember you are technically staring at a light bulb all day long in a bright monitor. If possible dim the lights on your screen to the lowest you can bear without straining your eyes for a different reason, i.e. trying to see the writing.

 When you are typing it is not always necessary to look at the screen, you can look at the keys, this might fly in the face of good typing skills but your eyes are more important than good typing skills.

  Eye drops

Get good eye drops and pop a drop or two in regularly throughout the day or each time you visit the bathroom, this will help keep them lubricated in an environment where blinking is less regular and air-conditioning can dry out eyes.

 Try to blink more often also; this requires a conscious effort to remember to blink.

 Don’t let your job ruin your eyes, follow those tips above and you will have healthier eyes and less headaches.