Computer security free software makes virus protection affordable to everyone. Think of it as a flu vaccine for a very contagious virus. The moment that you get a new computer your first priority should be to find and install anti virus software, whether it is free or not. Your computer can be rendered useless in a matter of minutes without virus protection and scanning programs. Many windows computers come with a free trial of Norton Antivirus, but you may find that this conflicts with many different programs and you'll have to pay for a subscription after your free trial is over. The advantage to going with computer security free software is that a lot of other people will be using it too so there will be work around for all of the bugs and you'll easily to be able to find help when installing the program.

When you go to download the computer security free software pay attention to the site you are on. You may come across a spoof site that looks official but it's really just trying to get you to download harmful software. Go directly to the source of the company that you want to download from and cut out any middlemen.

For most computers you'll want both firewall and anti virus software. It's rare to find a combo of these in free forms; you'll usually have to download at least two different programs. Each program almost always comes with a free trial, but instead you'll want to use the free version that has fewer features. You'll need to combine several programs to get all of the features that you need to really protect your computer. Also, if you're going with another firewall you'll need to turn off your windows firewall so that the two don't conflict. Firewall software will give you more features, control and protection in general then the basic Windows version.

There are a few tricks to using zone alarm firewall software. You'll need to set your permission levels to low moderate or high. If you are having trouble accessing the internet after you install the zone alarm firewall software it may be because your permissions are too high. Also a pop up will come on your screen whenever a new program asks for permission. If you accidentally deny something unnecessary like firefox, just try opening up firefox again and accept the zone alarm alert that time. You also have the option to always give or deny access to a program. If you accidentally permanently blocked a program you wanted to use you'll have to go into the zone alarm software and change the permissions. The other available product from zone alarm is the free spy blocker which is a toolbar that works on your internet browser to block spy websites. If you don't want this program, make sure you don't accidentally install it with your zone alarm software.

In addition to firewall software you'll probably also want anti virus software. AVG anti virus free is a popular software to block downloads. It will scan all of the files on your computer once a day and then quarantine any viruses and alert you of threats. You can schedule the time of day that you want to run the software because it can slow down your computer when in progress. AVG anti virus also comes with a link scanner, and email scanner as well as anti spyware software built into it.

The common thinking in the world is there is no such thing as a free lunch. However, a few companies put out reliable software for free to get their name out there and also expose you to their paid products. If you use a combination of computer security free software you can protect yourself just as well as if you were using a paid version.

The one caveat that can still hurt your computer even with the best software in the world is user error. You need to know the basics of how to use the programs that you've installed. If you are having trouble with the software, look for a fix instead of disabling it or thinking that it's just unnecessary; it isn't. Look for FAQ sites that will simplify your user experience and explain the software in layman's terms. You'll be a computer expert in no time. Similarly, if you are having a problem with your computer, it's not unreasonable to suspect your software is the culprit. Read about the problem. So many people use the free software that it's likely that others are experiencing the same problems and they have problem found a fix or the company will release a security update as soon as possible

No matter which computer security free software you choose it's vital to keep it updated for maximum effectiveness. There will always be two icons displayed next to your clock to show you the zone alarm and avg free icons. They are usually in color but if they are in black and white this means they are out of date or not working. A windows security alert will pop up asking you to turn on windows firewall if you don't have a firewall in place. You can set the software to update automatically. Most free software will occasionally have an ad or coupon pop up on your computer asking you to upgrade to a paid version, but this is almost never mandatory. If it is mandatory then just browse around for the next best software protection.

Dealing with computer viruses can wipe out the useful information and render your computer unusable. Then you'll have to pay exorbitant fees to have it fixed. It's better to invest the time and research up front in what you need to protect yourself from problems and how you need to do. it. When there are so many great antivirus software and free firewalls out there you really have no excuse. You'll also want to make less computer savvy people aware of the importance of this software, even if they just use the internet to check their email. Computer security free software can save you a lot of money and heartache.