Friendly Interface
Fairly Priced at $35.00
Thousands of channels available for viewing
Get to watch TV wherever I go as long as there is an internet connection


Some channels do not work
Some channels may lag on a slow internet connection due to buffering
Although most of the channels available are free channels, the software isn't free :(

Full Review

I have been looking for software to watch television on my laptop for some time now. Most of the sites that i have frequented either streamed old episodes of programs, or had low quality streams. For a while i would watch streams from different websites but found it tedious and time wasting to have to search for other channels and tv feeds. I finally decided to dive in and buy television software for my laptop.

For $35.00 I purchased the software called iSoftwareTV and installed it onto my laptop. It also made me install some plugins for windows media player and some other viewer. After about 5 to 10 minutes the install was finished. I then started up the software. The interface was friendly and easy to use. I was able to search for channels that i wanted to view and add the ones i like as favorites. This feature i though was really cool because i use to have to locate live TV streams manually and that was time consuming. I am actually pretty impressed with it and use it rather often. Some of the downsides to it is that some channels do not work or are misnamed. Other than that there is a lot of programming that is available. I personally happen to be a big football fan and can now watch all the games that arent being broadcasted in my state without having to purchase Direct TV. On a seperate side note, i purchases Verizon Fios TV service solely because they are the only provider of the NFL Network in my area. I have probably watched that channel more than any other. Click Here to get the software

In Closing

In Closing I would Rate this software at a 4 on a scale of 5. It does not have a lot of HD channels, or many premium channels like cinemax, or showtime, but it does make up for it in quantity. There are over a couple of thousand channels for me to find something to watch, and when i do find a channel that I like, I can bookmark it in the software so that i don't have to search for it again.