Virus Warning

There are new computer viruses each day. Some viruses are destructive enough. It can destroy your files and format your hard drive. Some viruses are not destructive such as trojan, adware, and spyware. Those viruses may be dangerous because it can steal your secret data. Whether it is destructive or not you should protect your computer from those viruses. Here some tips to protect your computer from virus.

1. Use original operating system and software. Original software usually provides security updates. In Microsoft Windows, you can use auto update feature; so each time there is new update it will download and install automatically. Never download warez software, cracked or pirated applications. There is possibility virus has been inserted into warez applications. Stay away from any pirated applications.

2. Install antivirus software. Antivirus will protect you from new and old viruses. You should update antivirus regularly, to protect from latest viruses. Use auto update if available; so you do not need to click update button every time. Scan your files for viruses regularly to prevent virus spreading from any infected files. You can download free personal antivirus if you cannot afford professional version. There are many free personal antiviruses such as Avira and AVG. Please download only popular and known antivirus. Please be aware that there are many viruses disguised as an antivirus.

3. Be careful opening your email. Never download files from unexpected or unknown people. Scan the file first before you open the attachment. Never click any link in your email before you know the URL destination. Make sure you know the site before click any link on your email.

4. Do not open unknown executable files. Executable file usually has .exe extension. Opening unknown executable file may run virus program. After you open the file, virus may infect your computer and spread through your files, flash disk or e-mail.

5. Install firewall application. If your operating system is Microsoft Windows, you can activate firewall feature. Firewall will tighten your security and block any unknown traffic from or to your computer. You can download other free firewall application like ZoneAlarm.

6. Scan any removable drives before you open it. Attaching flash drives into your computer may increase your possibility of virus infection. Some viruses can infect your computer immediately after you attach removable drive, such as flash disk or external hard drive into your computer. Do not attach unknown removable drives.

7. Backup your private and critical data regularly. It is better to have backup for your data. You do not know when your hard-drive fails. Virus is not the only cause of hard drive fails. Power failure can make your hard drive fails. If it fails, you still have backup files.

Most of infected computers cause by unaware users. Please be aware with what you download and click. Above tips can help you preventing virus infection on your computer.