When you're choosing a computer for a senior, here's a simple tip.

Think about your grandparents. Do they embrace the latest technology or refuse to have anything to do with it?

Chances are they grew up with rotary dial phones, black and white television ( without a remote) wringer washers and typewriters.

When you talk about urls, pods, pads, search engines, hash marks, twitter  and Skype do they look at you like you're speaking a foreign language?

There are some simple ways to ease them into the 21st century and to help you choose the best computers for senior citizens.  Here are some tips.

Grandma's New Computer

You dont need, or want to spend a lot of money on a first computer for your Computer(85083)Grandparents. This is a case where simpler is better.

Look for reconditioned units or shop for sales in big box stores like Walmart.

Shop on line for deals from major manufacturers like Dell.

If space is an issue, opt for a laptop instead of a desktop.

Keep your purchase price under $400. That's the most you will be out if your grandparents store it in the garage with their collectibles from the 1960s.

You can even check out programs that offer free computers for seniors.

Don't forget to install a good anti-virus system like  Norton or McAfee. It's a critical feature as your grandparents explore more options on the computer like search engines, email or on line bill payments.

Many seniors are particularly vulnerable to scams and phishing.

Pay for their first three months of internet access. You won't need the best but avoid slow and antiquated options like dial-up. The joy of the internet is its speed. Three months will give you enough time to see if they are embracing their computer experience.

Surfing Isn't Just for Beach Boys Songs

Teach your grandparents or other seniors in your life how to surf the web. It may be tSurfing the Internetoo early to tell them that Google is a verb, but search engines are  the best way to get them hooked on the internet.

Make a list of their interests. Does Grandpa want to know the latest events at the golf course? Does Grandma want to see a review of  the newest book from her favorite author? Are they news or sports junkies? Do they like to play games? Websites like Pogo games can keep them happily ocuppied for hours.

When they find a site they like show them how to bookmark it. Start slowly. Once they know how to use the bookmark feature let them choose the sites they want to add on.

Email 101

Set up an email account on a popular site like Hotmail or Gmail. Add friends and family who already have accounts to their contact lists. Email regularly so they can see how easyemail(85089), fast and fun emailing can be.

Caution them to only enter their normal inbox and stay away from their junk mail. That's where they will find much of their malicious and damaging email.

It only takes one or two contacts for them to recognize the value of this type of information.

Follow Up

Expect phone calls for help. It's easy to hit the wrong key or struggle to understand the the text lingo like lol.

Look for self help computer books for seniors like Internet for Dummies.

Check out your local community college or seniors center to see if they offer computer courses for seniors.

Be supportive as your favorite seniors move through the challenges of today's high tech world and dont be surprised if some day you wake up to a tweet from Grandpa or learn he's signed up on a seniors dating site.

With a little research it's easy to find the best computers for seniors.