This product has to be one of my favorite hand held fabric steamers. If you have never heard a thing about the conair gs4 compact fabric steamer, then I highly suggest that you read this article and then go over to the company's website and read all of the wonderful reviews. Well, not all of them are so wonderful, but for the most part they are pretty great. I don't know about you, but an approximate four out of five based on a near one hundred and fifty reviews sounds pretty good to me. Regardless, this post will explain some of the many benefits and features of this innovative piece of cleaning equipment.

Out of all of the many other household garment maintenance tools out there, I would have to say that this one is among the finest. Portable fabric steamers such as this one can really provide some helpful aid around the house for those that do not have maids that do all of the work. Even if I did employ one, I would probably still have one of these things for traveling. One of my favorite aspects about the conair gs4 compact fabric steamer is that is very compactable and can be stored in almost any closet. This is great for those that have limited space or are in an apartment. Another great feature of this product is that it is not even that pricy. Out of the three sites that I checked, the average price was somewhere around thirty dollars which is not a whole lot of money when you consider what this product does. Compact or hand held fabric steamers are great because they can remove creases located on clothing in a matter of seconds. It usually only takes me a few minutes to completely finish steaming a shirt. However, these products are not limited to simply removing wrinkles. They also have been known to remove some dust mites and a few other things. This deluxe model is a easy as pie to work as well. It really is one of the quickest and most efficient steamers that I have seen. Twenty minutes of use can be obtained from a sweet six minutes of waiting time. The handle is shaped a lot like the letter "T" and has several small pores for the steam to exit the tip. Folks, that is really all that there is to this thing. I hope that his little review was helpful.