Conair Hair Removal System is one of the latest hair removal tools that offer a pain-free and safe way to remove unwanted hairs from tough spots like ankles and knees. Conair Hair Removal System promises true results for women to become virtually hair-free for as long as two weeks.

Advantages and features of Conair Hair Removal System

Totally mess-free. Conair promises a clean way to remove unwanted hairs. This means eliminating sticky wax that would only burn your skin, leaving red spots right behind when you're about to strut your way to the office. The Conair HB1 gently removes unwanted hair with its revolutionary rotating exfoliating pads without the irritating the skin. Hate having patches of hair on your legs? Conair HB1 promises hair-free legs without having to stick in wax strips and gooey concoction that you need to clean up before leaving the shower. Do both legs in minutes so you could have more time to enjoy your smooth and hair-free skin.

Patch-free legs. Now you don't have to make excuses whenever you've left some patches of dark and course hair in your legs with Conair Hair Removal System. The revolutionary exfoliating pads move clockwise and counter clockwise, leaving no unchecked spot for totally hair-free legs. Conair HB1 promises a healthier and smoother skin without cuts or even nicks.

No waiting time. Use Conair HB1 continuously without having to worry about burns and cuts. No need to wait for regrowths - use Conair HB1 twice or thrice and you're on your way for a smooth and radiant skin for up to two weeks.

Get the added benefits of exfoliating. What's even great than staying hair-free for two long weeks? Having silky, smooth skin. Conair HB1 integrates a powerful exfoliating pad that moves all directions in working its way to do wonders for your skin. Unlike other disposable, exfoliating tools, the Conair Hair Removal System comes with long-lasting exfoliating pads that could be used for at least two months. Save money on buying separate exfoliating and depilatory creams with Conair HB1.

Easy to use. The Conair Hair Removal System is ergonomically designed so you could comfortably work your way for a smoother, hair-free skin. With its revolutionary design, reaching tough spots and removing wanted hairs from your ankles and knees had never been easier.

Be hair-free longer. Conair HB1 promises a more lasting result than shaving. With up to two uses, you don't need to wonder if your skin is smooth enough to go for that irresistible, skinny skirt. Walk with confidence for two weeks with the Conair Hair Removal System.

Works on whatever hair type. Unlike depilatory creams and special shave, Conair HB1 could work with just about any hair type. Never worry about having to buy the right formula for your shaving cream or even if your lotion is "strong" enough to remove wanted hairs. Simply let the powerful exfoliating pads of Conair HB1 do its wonders to remove just about hair type.