Concealer-applying concealer

If i could take ony two consmetics to a desert Island. I'd choose lipstick and concealer. Concealer covers dark circles or tiny veins that show through the thin skin beneath the eyes and against the sides of the nose. Most people have natural shadows beneath their eyes, because of the way the eyes are set into the head. Add that to the fact that the skin is thinnest in the under-eye area, and we're ready to talk concealer.

What concealer will not do is "treat" or "heal" dark circles. But because of its thickness, it will cover them - and keep them covered. Concealer can also be used to cover up an errant pimple, or redness at the sides of the lower part of the nose, but don't spot it on in too many different places or you will draw attention to what you are trying to hide. Foundation or tinted moisturizer will sometimes do, but most of the time they  are not occlusive enough. Pluse, they tend to nestle into the little lines and stay there.

Concealers generally come in stick, liquid, or cream form. Like the porridge in "Goldilocks and the Three Bears," stick concealer can be too thick and the applicator may pull your skin; liquid concealer is too thin and runny; but cream concealer is as low-tech as you can get. It usually comes in a little pot, and you apply it with your fourth finger or triangular sponge, which helps get it into the corners around your eyes. Because it's smooth but creamy, it's easy to dot on and easy to keep on.

Concealer-applying concealerCredit: wikimedia

I'd also recommend a pen concealer. It's thicker than most liquids, and it's packaged in a thick pen-shaped cylinder with a brush at one end. The concealer glides onto the brush and goes on very smoothly and gently. Then you can blend it in with your finger.


 Best concealer

1) Cream to powder concealer- Gives medium to full coverage with a matte finish.

2) Liquid concealer- Provides the sheerest coverage with a light finish.

3) Stick concealer- Offers medium coverage with a creamy finish.

4) Cream concealer- Furnishes full coverage with a dewy finish.

5) Liquid to Powder concealer- Affords sheer to medium coverage with a matte finish.


Concealer tip: The fourth finger

Makeup artists swear by concealer brushes, but i believe that you will get the best and most even coverage if you apply concealer with your fourth finger. The fourth finger exerts the least pressure, so it doesn't pull on delicate skin and its warmth blends better. Just be sure to pat gently. The fourth finger is also great for applying eye cream and eye shadow, as it gets into all the little nooks and crannies around your eyes.