concept 2 rowing machineThe concept 2 rowing machine is a good option for those who are aiming to compete in rowing or aiming to become rowers. The U.K. is connected to Football, similarly Europe is connected to Rowing. This is in fact the most popular sport in Europe. Concept II rowing machine helps train for rowing not only like no other rowing equipment in the market, but also has the added advantage of being an in-door training machine. The main features and benefits of concept II rowing machine are it has a redesigned flywheel that has a broad range of resistance and is quieter, the handles are ergonomically designed to enable better rowing on-water, arm position and performance monitors of power plot, pace boat and force curve.

Rowing actions basically require the coordination of muscle action. It requires force in a smooth, repetitive and maximal manner. Dr Thomas Mazzone, M.D. Wyoming County Community Hospital, Warsaw, New York (1998) analyzed the rowing action four sequences. The first is the CATCH where the arms are stretched to grip the handle, the back relaxed and in a concave position with knees pulled up almost to the chest, ready to take off. The second is the DRIVE position where the maximum power is used from the legs to push back(almost to a straight position), the hips and upper body are in a slanting position, the shoulders are extended and the upper arm is internally rotated. The third is the FINISH where the legs are stretched straight, the hip is fulled extended, the back is slanting and the upper arms are rotated internally. The last is the RECOVERY where the arms are thrust forward, away from the body and the other parts of the body come back to the first position to repeat the cycle.

The concept II rowing machine helps in learning this technique and improve the overall fitness, endurance and muscle strength all without water within the confines of four walls. A great rowing machine like the concept II and focus on learning the right technique not only helps in preparing for the rowing event but only acts as a good work out for the back, arms, shoulders, chest, hips, abdomen muscles, thighs, knees and ankles. The training sessions are divided into three parts - the Beginners training sessions where the concentration is on technique of arm and leg combination, work out for the heart and body muscles, distance and short resting, and adaptation of the machine to the body combined with medium (short talking sessions while training) and hard (no talking during rowing) sessions. Once that is completed, it's graduation to the Intermediate training sessions where work outs are in combinations of easy, medium and hard. The next round is the Advanced training session where work outs are only a combination of medium and hard sessions.

This training is good for both the heart and lungs in particular. Do not attempt to try to train at home with the concept II rowing machines. They are not meant for home users but for competitive rowers. Train with certified trainers. Happy training.