Don’t underestimate details, security and fast execution of transaction, my mentor lectured me. He advised that I should carefully consider the type of online payment system I want to implement on my newly created e-commerce website.

Well, I consider Dr. Ephraim as my mentor, adviser and someone I look up to most especially in all my business and project endeavours. He also has a website dedicated to the sale of herbal solutions to various health problems. The e-commerce health online website owned by Dr Ephraim is one of the numerous chains of business owned by Dr Ephraim. It’s just that is the health segment that is presently launched on the internet with the ability and features for people all over the world to buy and use his products.

I studied the website and observed that he made use of Google checkout online payment as a means of collecting payment for any purchase of his herbal mixtures (ranging from natural treatment of fibroid, infertility problems e.t.c.).

Operating out of Lagos, Nigeria, I finally realised the main reason why Dr advised that I use Google checkout. The reason being that with Google checkout, people from all walks of life could easily purchase his products with no hassle; and going by the alliance between FedEx and Google checkout, there is fast shipment and quick transactional satisfaction to any client.

Google checkout is one of the most outstanding products or services of Google. Google checkout has become a force to reckon with in the online payment transaction systems. Gradually, it has displaced the likes of Bill Me later, E-currencies and gradually moving to displace PayPal as the most preferred online payment system. Allow me to share more intricately the guidelines on how to use Google checkout, most especially the summary of their costs and fees.

The below excerpt is from the Google Checkout homepage and/or the blog. The processing fees and the other details are explained below:

You will pay a fee transaction of 2.9% plus USD 0.30 if your monthly sale is less than USD3000. This is the first form of fee transactional cost with the use of Google checkout.

If you have a monthly sale that is between USD3000 – USD9, 999.99, the fee per transaction is 2.5% plus USD 0.30.

If you have a monthly sale that is between USD10, 000 – USD99, 999.99, the fee per transaction is 2.2% plus USD 0.30.

If you have a monthly sale that is USD100, 000 and above, the fee per transaction is 1.9% plus USD 0.30.

Google Checkout-leading the online payment blaze