Importance of Management

Meaning of Mangement

Management is very important in the modern complicated, advanced commercial and business world. Management is simple term, which is understood by everyone as something  that goes with man as he passes by his age, the experience. The experiences  are mostly  related to and concerned  with every other man one meets and deals with. They are to be handled properly if, one wants to get  something   done by the other up to his  expectations or as per his wish. How this could be successfully carried out? The answer lies  in the technique of management.

Management is a technique by means of which the purposes and objectives of human group are determined, clarified and effected. Therefore management is referred to all the activities that are indented to identify the purpose and objectives of human activities, especially business activities. and clarify in case there is  doubt and then acted  upon to  achieve them. All the efforts to coordinate and organize the human and material resources to achieve the goal of an organization or enterprise is known as  management. The efforts in this regard include initiation of an enterprise, financing it , drafting its policies, providing all necessary equipments and climate for smooth functioning of it, deciding the form or organization  and manning of  such organization, Thus, it is very clear that planned and directed activities to achieve certain goals, either or business or personal are  called management.

There are  few people who opine that management is an art and there is an equal claim  that  it is a science . Science is built upon systematic knowledge  based on practice  and philosophy of the particular disciple over a period of years .It has certain limit and boundaries for its  operation. It has the properties like, descriptive, explanatory and predictive . A science is more rational and objective in development of means to achieve the goals. On the other hand if one could acquire skill and techniques by experience in the  real life  situation for solving problems and achieving goals it is termed as an art. It is learnt more thorough experience and even by inheritance and practice but not merely by theoretical exposition.  In most cases inborn qualities make one a great artist. Personnel skill and ability dominates in attaining  the goals. It needs a lot of imagination and creativity to attain perfection and excel. It is a self  experienced excellence that makes things that can not be compared with anything else and is considered as specie if its kind. While the perfected experience of others that guides activities and achievement of goals could be called as science

Thus it is  clear that management is more concerned with directing  the human efforts for the achievement of organizational goals .The identity of management as a modern discipline has divided schools  of view.