The 3-D animated movie Despicable Me is about a man with a wicked mind eager to top the latest evil heist.  Something terrible happened to the Great Pyramid in Egypt, and this man, named Gru, starts to work on his ambitious plan.  With the help of his minions, Gru decides to steal the shrink gun to decrease the size of the moon small enough to hold it with one hand.  He planned to keep the moon for himself.

Awkward When Growing Up

Despicable Me showed some concepts about trust.  It explained how Gru became a person with a twisted sense of morality.  He didn’t grew up in a household filled with emotional attachment to family members.  He was the only child in the household.  Gru had strong desires when he was a boy to be an astronaut.  When he showed his rockets that he built, he didn’t received any praises or encouragement to continue to make rockets.  Thus, no one explained to him how to trust people.  He didn’t had any friends while he grew up.

Evil Characters

Despicable Me showed Gru interacted with people, but only with the ones that had similar mindset as he has.  He talks to someone at the Bank of Evil about getting a loan for his project. He battled with his nemesis, Vector, to try to be the most evil person.  Even though Dr. Nefario has a slight hearing disability, Gru doesn’t consider finding someone else to build things because he’s like a father to Gru.  It was funny to see the results of Dr. Nefario’s work after he misheard what Gru wanted to be built.  It happened twice.

Yellow Minions

Gru has a plethora of “minions” working for him to do both grunt and heavy duty work for him.  The minions are human-like species.  I don’t want to look it up to find out what term to use to define them.  Anyways, they are cute little yellow things that aren’t aware of Gru’s nefarious schemes.  

Altruistic Deed

It turns out Gru is more than just a simple-minded criminal.  The movie showed him taking three orphan girls into his own home for an ulterior motive.  The girls were ardent to leave the orphanage since the lady that oversees them show indifference to their emotional needs.  There’s even a humorous way of her humiliating any orphans behaving improperly.  I think that is worth seeing.

Emotional Bonding

During the beginning of the relationship between the three girls and Gru, he only showed lukewarm feelings towards them.  Thus, the girls weren’t fond of him even though he’s the reason they left the orphanage.  Later on, they had to trust Gru as they had to make an important decision.  He gained their trust by showing another layer of him.  One thing he did that helped forge a bond was him finally willing to read a bedtime story to the girls. That scene was hilarious as Gru commented on the book and the writing as he read a story to them.  The girls indirectly helped Gru to get out of his shell so he can open up with others and understand more about trust.


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Fellow InfoBarrel writer 2kids1cat wrote a short synopsis of the movie on her Animated Movie Night Favorites for Families With Young Children article.  She stated the characters in the movie were complex and worth caring about.  To me, they all showed humility.