Pregnancy is a difficult time for a woman, in which her body undergoes many changes. Because of these changes, anything that happens for the first time raises an alarm. There are many concerns during pregnancy especially if there is no one else to advise you.

One of the biggest concerns during pregnancy is if something was to go wrong with the foetus. Initially even the smallest of things causes great distress. One may put some of it to the basic lack of knowledge about the things that happen during pregnancy but then, anyone's knowledge is never adequate and the various concerns during pregnancy never cease, whether you are first time pregnant or the third!

Some of the important concerns during pregnancy are:

  • Stomach pains and cramps : because of the growing foetus, many changes take place in the stomach region and there are frequent stomach pains or cramps. The reasons of them are generally very simple and they subside on their own but in case they last over an abnormally long time, it is advisable to consult a doctor. At times, there is a slight hesitation in calling the doctor for such a trivial reason as stomach pain, but there is nothing wrong in doing so to rule out your concerns during pregnancy.

  • Gush of fluid : if this happens during the last stages of pregnancy at around the anticipated date of delivery it means that your water broke and it is time to call the gynecologist to assist in giving birth to the baby. However, a heavy gush of fluid any time earlier than that may cause concerns during pregnancy and a doctor should be consulted immediately.

  • Dehydration : this is one of the major causes of concerns during pregnancy especially if it is linked with morning sickness. It is advisable to have adequate quantities of water throughout the day. In case, despite all this the feeling of dry mouth or weakness does not go, it is best to consult a doctor since this could be a sign of the onset of premature labor.

  • Painful urination : the reason for this could be a simple case of urinary tract infection, which can be easily treated with mild medication or antibiotics taken after consulting the doctor. However, it may also cause concern during pregnancy when despite all this it does not subside and is accompanied by symptoms of other complications like foul odor, slight bleeding, etc. Therefore, to rule out any of your concerns during pregnancy arising out of these complications, it would be ideal to consult a doctor as soon as possible.

Pregnancy is a tough time for a woman in which she has to care for her own health as well as that of the unborn child. Sometimes many such emergencies arise which may cause tremendous concerns during pregnancy. A woman going through it is the best judge of how serious it is, and should not hesitate in calling the doctor without losing much time since it might be crucial to save her life as well as of the baby.