When an item is widely held in high regards for many years, it is generally for a great reason. This is the situation with concrete floors. Concrete is durable and virtually indestructible. You will not find it molding, rotting or being eaten up by annoying insects such as termites. It is also impermeable to damage caused by water and is easy to manage. In fact, the only two downsides that people grumble about are the unattractive, gray color and the feeling of coldness on bare feet. However, with new developments in concrete floor coverings, both of these problems can be lessened.

The first step to improving on this very good floor material is to choose what type of coating you desire. Since some choices are better for particular activities than others are, this decision will be determined by the end-use of the space. This is an example of where "form follows function" which denotes you settle on what the space will be used for and then you opt for a product that fits perfectly with this purpose. The majority of people searching for resolutions to seal concrete floors are keen on improving their basement. They usually have this great space that nobody uses because of the floor. There are many choices you can select from to make the floor appear better and to work for your family if you were among this group of people.

A carpet is one extremely popular covering. If you intend to use this method, then make sure the floor is coated well with a concrete sealant. Carpets and laminates can be damaged if dampness accumulates on the surface beneath these coatings. To check for moisture problems, put down a transparent film of plastic over the floor and tape it around the sides. Allow it to set for a couple of days and see if any moisture forms underneath. If you have moisture then you will have to handle this issue first.

Concrete paints are another popular basement covering. A latex paint can be used, but it will not withstand a lot of traffic. If you intend to use the space much then you should explore an acrylic or an epoxy floor paint. Epoxy floor coverings are easy to use, long lasting and can be colored to provide any color under the rainbow.

If you choose the paint option, whether you paint with latex, acrylic, or epoxy, make sure to apply a non-slip additive to the top after the paint has been spread out. These coatings can be very slippery and dangerous when wet so the addition of more grip is essential. Usually, a garage floor paint will give the longest life.

People are finding that doing house improvements are much cheaper than buying a new home and they can really improve the usability of spaces than may not be utilized now. If you feel this way, then covering your concrete floor can make a big difference.