Concrete pain and stain can be found at most home improvement stores as well as your typical warehouse discount store. Concrete paints can come in many colors and qualities and vary in their durability. Some concrete paint and stains need to be sealed and some do not; it all depends on the type you buy.

What To Look For

Some of the best concrete paints will have sealer built in and will come with lifetime warranties. Name brands should always be trusted over cheap knockoffs as you would expect with any durable product. Your local home and garden store should be able to give you more specific advice on which concrete paint to buy because each climate will be a little different.

When in doubt however always choose a manufacturer with name brand recognition and in a all purpose variety. For instance certain types of paint like concrete epoxy paint may be good for protecting a floor like a garage but may not be the best for other situations.

Installation - Things To Keep In Mind

Concrete Paint And StainIf you are installing paving slabs or pavers you may not need to paint or stain but you may have to learn a bit about using decorative concrete before you install.

Similarly if you are landscaping your swimming pool you may want to find a quality non-slip concrete paint rather than an all purpose concrete paint or concrete acid stain.

Epoxy can be difficult to clean up if you spill any when compared to cleaning up after spilled or dripped latex paint. Make sure to be very careful in your preparation and application procedures as you don't want to increase the work you have to do.

Remember, most concrete paints and stains have significant guarantees but they typically only apply when the product is used correctly. Take your time to understand the kinds of concrete paint and stain you are shopping for and use the right product in your next project.

Options For Concrete Paint And Stain

Some good choices of concrete paint for specific projects around the house that you should be looking into include Sure Step Acrylic Anti-Slip Paint for your pool area, SoyCrete Architectural Concrete Stain for your structure, Epoxy-Seal Concrete And Garage Floor Paint for your garage, or Mason's Select Concrete Stain to use as a quality stain and sealer for surfaces like your sidewalk, driveway, or concrete patio.

Again, there are many products to choose from and your local home and garden or hardware store can help you arrow down the products most suitable for your needs.

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