Why is it that pests love so much clutter? Well, in a room full of clutter and other sorts of trash, they find shelter and access to food and water (thanks to food wastes, poorly stored food, liquid spillage and leaking pipes). What more, they find a place to breed and spread their infestation. What can you expect from rats and mice, cockroaches and other dirty pests? They living in a clean place?

What are the potential clutter zones in your home? That could be the kitchen, the basement, attic, the garden and elsewhere there are clutter. I remember my father telling me that my room could have snakes because it was overcrowded with stacks of old newspapers. Days later, while I was organizing the newspapers, I came upon a snake. You know what I did.

The kitchen is a playground for cockroaches and rodents to forage food and water at the table, on the floor, the pantry, the cupboard or under the kitchen sink. It is the area in the house that gets unclean easily. The basement and the garage are also sites for infestation, the former for moisture and access to water through leaking pipes, and the latter for various clutter and areas for the pests to hide and breed. 

The clutter you have outdoors can also invite pests indoors. By chance you might have uncollected leaves and weeds, tree stumps and other organic wastes lying out there. You see, such clutter can invite termites, rodents, ants and termites into your home.

Do you store stacks of firewood close to your home? That could invite termite to invade your wooden structures. Have branches of trees or plants touching your home? That could provide pathways for pests to get into your home.

Leaving clutter everywhere and creating a chaos out of our lack of regard for cleanliness create a condition for pest infestation. Indeed we create conditions that look cosy and inviting for pests. One example is us tucking paper bags under the kitchen sink.

As you know, the leaks under the kitchen sink provide water access to cockroaches. If we tuck our paper bags under the sink, we are already providing paper as food for the cockroaches. The area under the sink becomes a haven for them. The cockroaches inhabit the area and to invite more cockroaches into the kitchen, they deposit their pheromone-laced faeces. You probably know that the area under the kitchen sink is usually dark, easily cluttered and rarely inspected, so no surprise in there if you find a cockroach or two there.

Let us be aware that most pests are agents of threats. They carry with them potential harm and various diseases and infections. They are a risk to health and property.

It is important that we keep our surroundings clean, orderly and clutter-free to contain pest infestation and contamination. The pest control Sydney specialists will have no hard time eliminating the pests wherever they are.