While most people prefer to live in or near Makati City's central business district, more and more people are looking into purchasing or leasing Rockwell condo units. Rockwell Land's risky move to develop a former thermal plant proved to be worth it as the 15.5-hectare property is now an exclusive community. Rockwell is often described as a city within a city; it mixes commercial establishments with residential areas. A shopping mall and a school can be found in between the tall office buildings, completing the area's self-reliant mix of entertainment, educational, residential, office, and commercial establishments. The Rockwell Center offers a lot of options in the way of residential condos, and it shouldn't be too hard to find a Rockwell condo that will not only suit one's needs but will also offer the convenience of being close to offices, as well as the Power Plant Mall, and other restaurants and stores. The Grove is more like an oasis in the middle of a bustling and active city, boasting of a 75:25 landscape to building ratio. This Rockwell condo building features not only gardens, but water features as well. The Grove offers cozy and modern units amidst the landscaping, featuring units for single professionals and bigger bi-level units for small families. The Garden units take advantage of the landscaping, while the 2-bedroom Z-loft features different views of the city skyline. The Grove also has great amenities for its residents, like a pool deck, porte cochere (coach gate), cabanas, an arrival court, and a retail cluster, among other amenities. Another impressive address for a Rockwell condo is One Rockwell. This building pioneered the use of the Z-loft, an innovative design that gives two different views for a unit. Interested parties can see the Z-loft unit in action by visiting the Glass House, a model unit of the Z-loft beside the Power Plant Mall. One Rockwell's East Tower stands at 45 storeys, while the West Tower will be 55 storeys high. As with most places that boast of exclusive and luxury places, Rockwell condo units can be pricier than other Makati properties. Of course, the choice of whether one should get a unit from the aforementioned condominiums or the other condos in the vicinity (Rizal Tower, Amorsolo Square, Hidalgo Place, and others) should depend on one's budget and needs. Some will find though that a condominium unit in the expanding and developing Rockwell area is a good investment.