People have always found comfort and meaning in flower arrangements as a gift of memorial or condolences. Many psychologists and experts on human behavior agree with this fact. People who are mourning find confolence flowers or sympathy cards to be extremely meaningful gifts. This can help life the pain and sadness that seems to be engulfing them. Flowers have always been a symbol of life, and the cycle of life and death. This makes them a great symbol of hope, a symbol saying that life goes on. The positive influence of these flowers can act as a small diversion during a memorial service or when someone is mourning. Condolence flowers are an ideal medium to express to communicate your feelings to people when you have trouble putting them into words. A simple gift that lets others know you care.

If you know someone who could use the uplift of receiving flowers then you should look for a way to buy them for them. However there are some simple things you should know before sending them. Religion plays a big role in the symbolism of the gift and you should take this into consideration before sending condolence flowers. Flowers can also play important roles in their related services.

Christians, especially the Mormons(church of latter day saints). Use flowers during the ceremony. Easter Orthodox Christians often leave the body of the deceased person on display for as much as three days leading up the the funeral. It would be a good idea to send condolence flowers to the family during this time period.

Muslims usually consider flowers to be inappropriate. You can help show sympathy to a person belonging to this religions with other gifts instead. The best gift is usually considered to be a food item. More information on this can be found online if you are in this position. People of the Jewish faith may also find flowers inappropriate. After someone's death they are instructed to try and experience the full grief by stopping daily activity. They are supported by friends and family during this time period. If you want to send a Jew a flower arrangement it may be best to check with them first. They may prefer for you to make a charitable contribution in the deceased person's name instead.

Eastern religions often have rules as well. You should avoid sending red flowers to a Buddhist because red is the color of happiness in many Asian cultures. However a American Buddhist who is not part of Asian culture otherwise may be fine with red flowers. People belonging to the Hindu faith will usually send gift baskets that are filled with fruit rather than condolence flowers.