Urinary incontinence can be an embarrassing medical problem for any man. A condom catheter is specially designed to end the worrying over bladder control problem. There are many reasons that people choose to use a condom catheter and these devices can be found in hospitals, nursing homes, and in the homes of many individuals who suffer from bladder issues.

How does a condom catheter work?

This simple device is an external catheter, which means it is easy to slip on and off. It is unrolled or slipped over the penis and secured in place by adhesive or other means of clamping. The tip contains a hose that directs the urine and allows it to be easily collected into a bag attached to a bed or wheelchair or worn discreetly on the leg.

Advantages of a condom catheter

There are many ways in which this type of catheterization beats other methods. Internal catheters can be difficult and even painful to insert, especially for a home health worker. The risk for infection is also greater with a traditional indwelling catheter, too. Bacterial growth on plastic is a risk, but the use of a condom catheter can cut down on this risk. It is easy to change the catheter daily or every other day. This keeps the chance for infection down. The skin and urethral opening do not become irritated and as open to infection either.

Buying a condom catheter

Since many different types of condom catheters can be purchased online, users do not risk the feeling of embarrassment that they may have when purchasing them locally. Large online retailers can offer bulk discounts, too. Many will include shipping and carry a full line of catheter products. It has never been easier for someone to use a male catheter. There are many places to buy condom catheters and with so many types to choose from it may be important to try several varieties and types to find the best one for an individual's needs. It is also important to remember that condom catheters are not necessarily one size fits all and many of them come in a wide range of sizes. This is important because it will ensure a proper fit and stop potential leaks.

These external catheters are truly a lifesaver for those with bladder issues. Many people taking care of an elderly male relative with Alzheimer's or limited mobility use them to avoid accidents along with incontinence bed pads. Long haul truckers have been known to use them on the open road to cut down on stops and wasted time. There are even kits available to appeal to the sportsfan for use at the stadium. They are guaranteed to never miss a minute of action on the field since there is no need for a bathroom break.

A condom catheter may be the solution for many people, but many people are just not aware of them. Adult diapers are bulky and many people do not like them. The streamlined delivery system provided by a condom catheter may be just the thing they have been looking for. Learn more about these devices at www.condomcatheters.net one of several online resources devoted to promoting and sharing information about them.