Condoms are needed for people who have casual sex and even those with partners. You may come in contact with a person who you may or may not know is promiscuous. It is always better to be safe than sorry. You put yourself at risk for AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases, and unwanted pregnancy. There are responsibilities where sex is involved. The younger generation needs to be informed and aware of the responsibilities before they take action and become involved in sexual encounters. Sex is not a gay disease and is not only transmitted to and from promiscuous people. It is frequent in supposedly monogamous relationships where the partner has resorted to sex acts with another person without using protection or incorrect use of protection. Wrap It Up For Your SafetyCondoms need to be used for any type of sex act because you can contract aids from bodily fluids like: blood, vaginal sucretions, and semen. Condoms are the only sure way to keep yourself from the future consequences that may come with having sex unprotected. Just remember that an unwanted pregnancy or contracting any sexually transmitted disease can cause a halt in your future plans and your social life so think before you make the big leap without a rubber on.