Condos in Chicago are listing from $80,000 on up to well over $200,000. The cost of buying a condo in Chicago has dropped the last few years so if you are looking to possibly buy a condo in Chicago then now is the time.

Museum Park condo building in ChicagoCurrently there are some excellent deals on the condo market n Chicago. You can purchase a 1 unit condo with a view of the waterfront for $80,000. The association fees are only $292.00 a month. This condo unit was built in 1968. This Chicago condo is on the 8th floor with an awesome view of the water front.

This condo unit is in the Lake Point Tower. In 1968 when the Lake Point Tower was completed it was the highest residential building in the world. It has 70 floors. The higher you go in floors the more expensive the cost. The studio condo for sale at $80,000 is on the 8th floor. Even though it is low it still has a great view of the waterway.

The higher end condos can sell for well over 10 million dollars. Association fees can cost upwards of $1,900 a month. The higher end condos can have some magnificent views of not only the lake front but also the city of Chicago. The higher the floor the better the view.

At the Michigan Avenue Tower there is a condo unit for sale for $1,500,000 that is a corner unit. From your deck and also your windows you have a view of not only the city of Chicago but also the waterway.

This unit is huge. Is has 4 bedrooms and 3 full baths. The high cost of living here does not end with your purchase price. This Chicago condo also has monthly association fees of $1,712 plus the annual tax of $23,000.

The cost of buying a condo in Chicago can be inexpensive or extremely expensive depending upon your desires. The cost of living in Chicago is really reasonable for a large city, especially when compared to the cost of living in New York City.

You can buy a condo unit that will last you for ever. All you need to do is pay the monthly association fees for your condo and the annual taxes. In the high end condos these fees can be outright ridiculous but in some of the older condos if you buy a lower floor unit the fees are actually extremely reasonable.

Image Credit: (Flickr/ John Picken)