While most explosion accidents happen in construction sites, there are also some that occur in residential and business areas. Unlike explosions in construction areas, these explosions are unexpected, which may result to extensive property damage and severe burn injuries. If you want to avoid sustaining burn injuries in an explosion accident, here are some safety measures you can conduct:

  • Install smoke alarms – Smoke alarms would alert you and other people if there is fire inside the house or building. Make sure you get smoke alarms that are free from defects.
  • Have an escape route in case of fire – If you have a planned an escape route, you would not panic that much when fire accidents or explosions happen.
  • Keep children away from flammable materials – Children play with everything, even flammable objects. Make sure you keep them away from such things like matches or gasoline to reduce the risks of fire accidents.
  • When heating water, adjust the thermostat to a maximum of 120 degrees – Doing this would help avoid accidents and burn injuries.
  • Always keep a fire extinguisher – Fire extinguishers are the most helpful tools in fire and explosion accidents. With a fire extinguisher with you, you can avoid getting burned or even put out the fire before it gets worse.
  • Keep heaters at least 3 feet away from combustible objects – If a heater is too hot and it comes in contact with a certain object, it might cause fire.
  • Check electrical wirings every once in a while – Faulty electrical wirings often cause short circuits, which can lead to fire and explosions.
  • Make sure that cigarettes are completely extinguished before throwing them in the garbage can – When a lighted cigarette is thrown in the trash can, it may come in contact with paper materials, which can start a fire.

In case a fire or explosion accident happens and you were injured, there is still something you can do. If the accident was caused by a faulty wiring, a combustible product or a defective machine, you can still recover from your damages. Just call a legal expert near you and tell him about what happened. If you live in Los Angeles, then it is practical to hire a Los Angeles injury attorney.

Compared to most injuries, burns are more painful. If you want to make the responsible party pay for your suffering, call a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer and file a complaint. With enough patience and determination, you would eventually get the compensation you deserve.