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Coney Island is one of the places to visit in New York that is also a resort area in Brooklyn. It is on a peninsula right by the Atlantic Ocean and is well-known for its famous boardwalk, as well as an amusement park, food, games, and much more.

Coney Island spans more than three miles of beach and people coming on cheap trips to New York can have fun getting a suntan, playing beach volleyball or checking out some of the various recreational activities available.  While some of these fun things to do are only available in the summertime, Con y Island also has plenty of things to do all year.

Past History of Coney Island

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Coney Island turned into the resort area right after the Civil War, and you could get there via the railroad. Lots of people stayed at cheap hotels in New York so they could have fun in the sun, go to horse races, and the amusement areas. It was considered to be one of the hot spots for tourists coming to the state. Its reputation faltered abit in the 1900s, but since then it has again became popular.

What Attractions Are Available in Coney Island?

There are many attractions in Coney Island for tourists and locals alike to enjoy. These include the following places:

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The Coney Island Museum – This is a museum that holds items from the past from Coney Island. It’s on Surf Avenue right beside some of the resort area amusement rides. One famous item is a carving of Steeplechase Man. It’s open on weekends from noon to 5 p.m. and also doubles as the tourist information booth.

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Coney Island Circus Sideshow –This is the only place left in the U.S. to see a real sideshow. In the past eras there were many shows that had exhibits of humans who had strange deformities or other freaks of nature.

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Annual Mermaid Parade

In the summer, there is a Mermaid Parade in Coney Island done in honor of the Mardi Gras that happened there in the years1903 to 1954.  People in the parade wear costumes based on the sea and King Neptune and the Queen Mermaid lead the way.

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Sunlite Pool

Another great attraction is Sunlite Pool, constructed in 1921. It’s the biggest pool that has 300 million gallons of re-circulating water at 200 feet wide and 400 feet long. It also features four water slides, as well as food vendors, picnic area, cabanas, and showers and lockers.

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Amusement Rides

Coney Island is famous for its amusement rides too. It still has several rides and people can buy either day tickets or a season pass to ride them. There are roller coasters, dodge cars, bumper boats, a carousel, Ferris wheel, and various kiddie rides. There is also an 18-hole miniature golf course.

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Live entertainment

Coney Island also features various live entertainments with music and shows.

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Coney Island Boardwalk

The boardwalk is the prize of Coney Island. Many visitors come there to jog, bike, or otherwise enjoy this part of the resort area. There are plenty of games, food and drink vendors, and restaurants too.

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Aquarium for Wildlife Conservation

If you like animals you can go to the aquarium to see all sorts of whales, dolphins, sharks, seals and thousands of other sea animals. It features some hands on stuff for the kids, as well as a wave machine display and various shows and other programs.

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