Confederate Heroes Day, celebrated on January 19th each year in Texas (Robert E. Lee's birthday), was established by House Bill 126, 42nd legislature Regular Session. Chapter 8. Approved and Effective as of January 30, 1931, and Senate Bill 60, 63rd Legislature Regular Session. Chapter 221. Approved June 1, 1973 and Effective August 27, 1973 as Confederate Heroes Day. (This law abolished the holiday that had been celebrated on June 3rd, which was Jefferson Davis' birthday, and combined the two celebrations, in order to make room for an official state holiday commemorating the birthday of President Lyndon Baines Johnson on August 27th. Renamed to Confederate Heroes Day, it commemorated not only Lee and Davis, but every soldier from Texas who served on the Confederate side of the War Between the States.) It is the only holiday in the state of Texas dedicated to Confederate veterans.

Although memorial and decoration days (day in which families decorated the tombs of veteran soldiers) had long been established, usually in springtime, the Civil War was the first in which Americans found themselves pitted against each other, sometimes with families split down the middle and one brother serving one side, and fighting against the brother serving on the other side.

More than a quarter of a million Southerners died in this war, and many of those soldiers who served and died (some estimate up to a hundred thousand soldiers) were African-American. In my opinion, this holiday is one  whose time has come and gone.