The first time I encountered Farmville was in June 2009, and I think I am one of the first players and I got addicted.
But I am certainly not one of the first ones who stopped playing Farmville.

I started planting strawberry because it has a short planting and harvesting time cycle.
I also had my share of feeling frustrated because I was not always able to harvest them on time, and boy I was so mad!

At that time I had so little money, but at the same time I had a big dream to plant all those crops that I wanted!
What do I do now?! I asked myself. Fortunately, I regained my patience, and the determination in order to harvest my crops within the allowed period; even though this included waking up at 6 a.m. just to harvest them...
And yes I did this in the summer saving time, at the time when most people were enjoying their nice and warm beds.

Farmville Fields Forever
Farmville Fields Forever

Waking up early was just among the most ridiculous things I have done. When we were out somewhere, the fields along the highway reminded me of my crops, I longed for them!
For a number of times, I had to ask to cut our day trip short, not because I had to plant or harvest, but just so I could check, how my dear strawberries were doing.
It was a sick addiction, but it did not end there.
After some days, I had carefully devised my very own "planting plan". This included calculations of costs, profits, and which crops to plant when.
Suddenly, mathematics was a friend to me!

I did not have many neighbors at that time, and some of them were playing Farm Town, another farming game, which I also enjoyed. So, the free gifts which I was receiving was not that much either. Most of the trees I received were limited to the lower levels.
So, at one point I only had apple trees to profit from. This again, was another frustration.

Therefore, I had to double my time in order to be able to buy that expansion and earn some more.
This resulted in waking up early morning and staying up very late, during the summertime.
My sleeping habit became completely changed, if not destroyed.
In daytime, I could only think of my crops, and make plans on how to earn more.
I was not at all functioning as a human, but as a Farmville Robot! I hated it.

The only good thing, I can say about this period, is what I did not do:

I did not let myself into buying a single coin or any cash to continue playing.

I told myself that I will just play Farmville together with my few neighbors and try to compete with them about who gets first to the next level.
But that only made it even more exciting.
And I did all those buying and selling tricks to get more experience points, XPs, but I could afford it.
I became obsessed with buying whatever I found nice and cute, and above all, my eyes were fixed on having those houses.

Farmville House
Farmville House

After I had bought my first house, the cottage, it felt really good. I then started to save up for the next houses and buildings. But then I stopped.

There were several reasons why I stopped playing Farmville.
The first one was the game was always lagging, it was so slow!
Sometimes I got impatient and I had to reload to page in the hope that it would be better. The avatar, I think, was the one that was lagging me.

The second reason was that I was also playing Farm Town. I had more fun there since I was able to meet and chat with other farmers from all over the world.
The third reason was related to the second one, I got bored with Farmville. I felt so alone because there was no one to talk to.

Farmville Plowed Land
Farmville Plowed Land

I stopped when I was at level 25, just when my Facebook friends have discovered the game, and I told myself there is no way I am going to play that game again, and I never did.

However, I occasionally go to Farmville when my Facebook friends ask me for gifts.
I even had game updates because of the tremendous number of people updating their status because of a lost cow, level ups, etc.

I am glad that my addiction phase is over.
Looking back at all the wasted times and ridiculous planning and calculating makes me shake my head.

But this has an upside. I am still playing some of the games on Facebook, but I have learned my lesson very well, so now I know how to manage my time properly.
I play now only to get some tensions off my senses, and not because I am craving eagerly to buy that next thing on the list.

It is quite understandable that many people believe or think that playing games on Facebook is just plain stupid. I agree with that. But still, I think it is not that bad, since you can get some funny entertainment from it.
Just don't get addicted!